January 15th, 2013

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Another Busy Day at the Office -- New Profile for Shelley

Probably the most rewarding part of another busy day in the office was creating Shelley's new profile. She now has a named-based Profile -- like everyone else. At one point we'd had so many people in that role, that we named it 'staffaccountant' for the role, rather than the person. But Shelley is supposed to have had her name ages ago -- but I was worried about doing the setup.

Normally I set up new Profiles all the time -- every time we have a new person start at the festival. We have several seasonal employees each year, plus interns -- and we've had a lot of normal turnover, as well, in other roles. So I've got a lot (A LOT) of practice. But any finance roles can be more complicated, partly because of the various softwares and services these people use... Anyway, I'd worked myself into a frenzy that I'd need Kris to help me set it up. But today we find out Christine has been sending emails to the Shelley Profile (!!!), so first I send out an email to the entire Staff reminding them not to do that.

Then I get a bee in my bonnet (smile) -- and decide to try and set her up. What the heck? The worse that can happen is that I can't do it and need to get Kris in soon to finish it. But instead I'm able to do it myself, so... Success! A good feeling.

We had our usual Tuesday Staff meeting this morning -- with Rich's SmugMug presentation. It went well. Donn came in and did a bunch of IT. We had Communications after Staff meeting, then Rich and I went out to get lunch for a lunch meeting (we ended up having it at Marilyn's desk while she was at a different lunch meeting). That was less successful, but we'll reason it all out soon, I'm sure. It means another NEW page to create for the website, but I'll get it done...

I did get the vendor page updated (Steven sent me the info yesterday) this morning. And I met with Rosanna about the computer equipment before ending my day.

I was so cold (!!!) today! I had to wear my Mickey Mouse jacket that I keep at work for when it's too cold while sitting at my desk. (brr)

Marilyn and I took the car out to have it serviced in the afternoon -- and that was the quickest trip we've ever made there! Plus it was far less expensive than we'd expected, which was a good thing...

I just drifted off in front of the TV after we got home. So now I've made cold cuts for dinner (cut up meat and cheese) that we've been noshing on. (grin)

I think I'm about ready for my Kindle and a nap, frankly!

I have the dentist tomorrow afternoon. And I'll probably start that new webpage in the morning. I also need to do a new Home page graphic at some point. And do a News item for the website, too...

Plus our eNewsletter service has us locked out. Today Marilyn and Carol helped me track down the last billing we received -- and that it has been paid. So not sure what's going on there! I need to contact Oliver yet again and try to reason it out soon.

That was my day -- and that's my partial list for tomorrow! I really want to read what's going on with my LJ Friends -- and comment! Hope I can find some time soon!

I'm suddenly so congested. Really annoying. (sigh)

And I haven't mentioned at all that Marilyn, sister Sue and I have been watching the Australian Open! There's been some good tennis...