January 14th, 2013


Work at the Office -- Glad to Be Home! Busy Day...

As always seems to be true when I'm at the office, today was a super-busy day. I had meetings with: Rich, Steven, Sara and Danielle. I also discussed things with both Christine and Rosanna (who was only in briefly, as she was deathly ill with the flu).

Oh! And I had a brief meeting with Marilyn and Rich, too.

Then I needed to do some website stuff and make the tutorial handout for tomorrow's Staff meeting. So that took up my day!

Marilyn, Rich and I did walk out for lunch, even though it was very COLD and SNOWING (!!!). So much for us not having a precip this week -- right! We were originally going to walk over to the place that we used to eat at next door to our interim office space, but when we got to Mandarin Cove, Marilyn suggested we stop there and have an actual meal (rather than buy something to go at the other place). So that's what we did! It was nice -- and we only talked work part of the time... (smile)

The good thing? Marilyn is getting in the (new) habit of taking an actual break every day! That's just wonderful, I think.

For whatever reason (???), I'm just dead tired now. I'm actually thinking of taking a nap, even though I normally would never do that at this time of night.

I can't believe we're home before 6:00 p.m. (!!!) and I'm already blogging. How about that?!

More later (maybe). I'm going to grab my Kindle and ready. Or maybe just nap!