January 12th, 2013

rosie robot, cleaning

Messies Anonymous -- And An Inspirational Book!

Yesterday I started reading one of Sandra Felton's books (on my Kindle) -- "Winning the Clutter War." Sandra is the founder of Messies Anonymous -- and am I ever glad I found her and the organization!

It was interesting to read about Messies -- and to discover so many qualities that describe me perfectly! I suppose there are levels of Messies -- and I'm probably not as bad as some (or even many). But so many of the issues ARE my own issues! And it's wonderful to discover that I'm far from alone is this boat of not being able to get my house quite the way I want it...

At times in the past I actually used to keep the house nice (or nicer, anyway). But this certainly has NOT been true in recent years, I'm afraid -- especially since I got so involved working for the festival. I couldn't seem to find the motivation and energy to clean when I was done with my festival-related work...

During 2012 I started to SLOWLY turn this around, as you all know. I began getting rid of a lot of clutter on the road to cleaning and organizing things.

Last night I spent a lot of time reading the above-linked book. And thinking about my goals. And today I've been carefully doing a drawer here and a drawer there: With the added goal of NOT messing up another part of the house while doing this! I think that's a difficult thing, because generally I find cleaning one space will always mean stuff spills over into another space...

The important thing is to NOT let the removed clutter remain in the house for very long. I've got a really big box out in the garage (the new microwave came in it!) that I'm using for stuff to go to the Goodwill. It's not quite full yet, but it will be pretty soon. Then out it goes -- and I'll start a new box right away!

I have some stuff we want to take to the beach house put aside. And a bag for sister Sue and one for friend June. Again, once these have more inside, I'll get them out of here right away.

Two of the four drawers I tackled today are drawers I've done before in 2012. They've stayed pretty decent, but I have this personal goal to keep RETURNING to places I clean, to tackle them again. Each time I remove more items and make them even nicer. I was looking in two drawers here in the office and thinking forward to when I'll finally combine the contents of both into ONE drawer -- hopefully soon, by the way! I'm not all that far away from this, I think. And I could use the empty drawer to expand our family photos, which are currently in the bottom two drawers of that same bureau. (Photos are NOT something I'm ready to get rid of in the near future. Maybe if I can actually start scanning piles of them, then I'll feel differently. But for now, I want to be sure and keep what we have -- plus any additions. Happily most photos these days are digital, so they aren't pushing my limits. But those two drawers are very full and could stand to have some additional space.)

I'm giving myself a break, for now. But I suspect as I continue reading I'll get fired up (again!) and go dive into another space. (smile) As long as I'm motivated and enjoying the process, I say 'go with the flow,' personally. I'm not really following the systems she's suggested at this point, but I imagine I will get there. It requires some supplies I don't currently have, so that's okay... At least I'm doing something!

And I am going to help my sister Sue with her bedroom. The buddy system is supposedly a big help with this!