January 4th, 2013


Update on Nicole's Ear Injury...

Sister Sue took her granddaughter Nicole to the doctor today. As I mentioned before, Nicole took a fall and ended up poking the wooden stick of a lollipop into her ear canal. It bled and there was a lot of pain, but when Sue tried to set up an appointment she couldn't get Nicole in right away.

I have to admit I was immediately WORRIED. I wondered if she could have punctured her eardrum. And I thought it was ODD that they wouldn't want to see Nicole right away when they heard about the accident...

The doctor couldn't see inside very well because of blood. She used those long medical cotton swabs to clean it out, but I suppose swelling still made it hard to see anything. The doctor didn't seem to think the eardrum is punctured, but I guess even if it is they let it heal rather than do any treatment. So Sue will take Nicole back again in two weeks and we'll know more then. In the meantime, she needs to leave the ear alone as much as she can.

Today we also were working on an important email for Sue. Marilyn originally helped her with this weeks ago (as did I) -- we sent it to Sue's union on December 16. But we discovered today that we had the WRONG email address -- so there's no way it reached the man it was being sent to. I used TeamViewer to remote to Sue's computer so I could help her find and resend the email -- this time to the correct address.

Sometimes I think it's a difficult concept for people to grasp: If you have the wrong email address, then you're simply not going to reach the person you're trying to reach. And there's no way for you to know that they didn't get it! You can try using Return Receipt -- but a lot of people turn off that feature (I always have myself). It's really no different than sending a letter or package in the physical mail, by the way. If you don't have the correct address, then whatever you're sending isn't going to reach the destination.

Marilyn figures we miss a lot of email at work for wrong addresses. Just from people sending to .com rather than .org -- or using different forms of our names. At our office we use first name and last initial. But many offices use last names, first and last names, or just first names -- and so on. It's pretty easy to make one mistake in an email while typing it -- and that's all it takes to have the wrong address, after all!

It's after three and Marilyn's still awake. I'm guessing she'll be staying home again tomorrow...

I made a few new icons today and uploaded them. That includes this cute cat 'Worried' icon. (smile) I want to make some more, too -- it seems like I never have the right icon for the right occasion. This from someone who has a total 314 icons! Hahahahaha. Well, I have room for 41 more, so why not? I pay for them even if I don't have them, after all.

I'm yawning a ton now, so I guess it's bedtime. More tomorrow!


Quiet Friday -- Pretty Much...

I just did the treadmill for twenty minutes -- which is less than I've been doing, but better than nothing. (I've been trying to do thirty minutes at a pop.) The good things? I barely held on at all, I did it at a higher speed and I even did an incline for part of the time. So I'm happy. I really need to be okay with starting out slow and building up.

Right now I'm having stomach cramps. Probably from dinner... ??? We had chili really late. And then I also had some meat sticks. I ate those in place of MORE chili, because sometimes I don't handle chili well. This is one of those interesting facts in my life. When I was younger I used to eat chili all the time. Then over time I became intolerant of beans (not allergic, mind you, but I'd have a lot of issues when eating them -- and that included peanuts and peanut butter, too). In recent months Marilyn and I have eaten a lot of refried beans -- and I've been tolerating those quite well. And I've actually been healthier since we started to have them frequently. But I still need to watch myself with chili, even so...

I didn't eat my Activia today -- so the cramps may be from that (and no bm today -- yes, that's TMI, sorry about that).

I didn't get the Christmas tree down today. Marilyn was home sick again and it's easier to do when the car isn't in the garage (which is where we store the packed up tree).

Stupid thing I did today? I had the recycling roller bin and compost roller bin down at the curb. Marilyn and I went out to do some necessary shopping for groceries (we were OUT of some essentials) -- and when we got home I went down to bring up the roller bins and put them away. (We keep the blue recycling bin in the garage -- and the green compost bin outside in a corner created from the garage meeting our cedar fence in the back. We can't have it to close to the doors of the garage because of the smell, which is impossible to change.)

I discover that both are still full -- and, wow, I'm angry! I put them away, planning to call and complain when I can (figuring that will be Monday). The compost bin was especially HEAVY, and I'm sore and tired still from yesterday -- so it was no fun wrestling it back up from the curb! Then I think about it and realize there may have been a one day delay because of the New Year's Day holiday. I phone neighbors June and Jim and, yep, we're getting pickup tomorrow morning! So now I have to haul those BACK again. (sigh) Idiot me!

I did Remote in to the Server and the computer for Danielle and get her set up in her new spot today. She'll be sitting where Brenda was last year -- which is the Events Assistant spot (right near Sara and Shelley -- and across from Ashley). That went really well. I had to phone Danielle and talk her through the final step, which is setting up the dual monitors (which can't be done Remotely...).

I spent much of the day reading and sleeping, frankly. And I don't even feel bad about it. (smile) I'm thinking of the reading as RESEARCH, only -- and I find it pretty painful. I think I'll do a separate entry just about that, so I'll stop on the subject for now...

As I said, we did go and get groceries, which was a good thing. And we discussed our budget, because things are really tight for us right now -- just as I know it is for many of our friends. We plan to make some changes to help us cut back on spending. Anyway, we'll have a better idea of where we are when we have our taxes done.

Sister Sue heard back from her important email -- which I think is WONDERFUL! Obviously having the right email address made all the difference. I'm glad to know the man who received it was so quick to respond -- he's someone Sue knows well, and I think he has a lot of respect for her. (Hopefully Sue was as pleased as I am.)

It's been very COLD here. I was outside chatting with a neighbor while messing with those bins (as mentioned above), and I thought I'd die. (brr) I seem to be fighting a cold (what's new???). But hopefully I won't get sick. (fingers crossed)

And that's my Friday! How was your day?