January 2nd, 2013

eggnog, nog

Eggnog ROCKS!!!

I know it's pretty LATE for this (smile), but Marilyn and I are having our first eggnog of the season.

Actually, this is pretty LATE for us -- we usually have eggnog before and around Christmas -- but rarely after the first of the year! (grin)

There is a reason, though. We couldn't find the whisky to mix with it! Marilyn was sure we had a bottle, as she'd used it at one point in making baked beans (it's her 'secret' ingredient). But while in the fridge today, I suddenly saw it! (woo hoo) The bottle in this case is TINY -- one of those little 'airline' bottles (well, that's the size, if you follow). It was hiding behind something, which is why we didn't see it before now...

We bought the eggnog planning to have it sooner, obviously. But better late than never, after all! Just finished mine, and it was delish! (smile)

I don't think I ever had a chance to use my 'Time for Nog' icon in all of 2012! What a shame, as it's a fave...

Time for bed soon...

ETA [edited to add]: GUESS WHAT???!!! I was looking at some entries from January of 2012, and I found where I'd used this 'Time for Nog' icon for a comment. I may well have used it several times for commenting! (grin) Not sure why that pleases me so much, but it does...


Home in Portland...

Well, Marilyn, the cats (Colin and Henry) and I got home today (this afternoon). It's nice to be 'home' (to our Portland house) -- but sad not to be 'home' at our beach house. I guess that balances out, huh? (smile)

Wow, we thought it was cold at the beach! But it seems even colder here in Portland!

I'm watching the Tonight Show (Jay Leno) while I type this. Headlines are always funny. Hahahahaha. 'Free ice in all your drinks.' Crazy stuff.

Marilyn and I watched "Hot in Cleveland" and "Happily Divorced" tonight. I recently mentioned that we'd seen "Hot in Cleveland" for the first time (yeah, I know -- about time!). And we'd never seen Fran's show before this, even though we're big fans. (By the way, we've known people who married and then divorced because of sexual identity issues, so I find it quite realistic, actually!) Have loved Fran for years, so I'm glad to see her with another series... Oh! And we're loving "Hot in Cleveland," which has great writing.

Well, Marilyn is back to work tomorrow -- and I'm taking down Christmas here (which is a lot to put away, mind you). I have to take down the tree upstairs (which at least we didn't end up decorating -- so that makes it easier, if not easy) -- and figure out WHERE we'll put the new downstairs tree (which is small, but still needs a place to be stored).

I cut back on our Christmas decorations this year, but there's still a lot to do! Maybe I'll cut out more while boxing things up. Less truly is more when organizing and cleaning house, after all...

2013 Resolution: Continue to organize and clean our Portland house. (This was something we started working on in 2012.)

I have a bunch of resolutions, which I'm going to mention as I tackle them! I'm feeling very positive about goals Marilyn and I made in 2012 -- things that we hope to continue in this new year.

Total aside: I'm sitting in the corner chair in the family room -- 'my chair' that I picked out at IKEA. Months and months ago I put a pillow in the chair to make it more comfy -- and right after that Colin took it over as his official 'cat bed.' So I haven't really been able to sit in it since then (!!!). Tonight I moved his pillow (it's his now!!!) to a spot right next to the chair -- but NOT in it. Guess what? He's actually sleeping on the pillow right next to me as I type this (on my laptop). (woo hoo) That's not very cat like, is it? Usually if you try to get a cat to change something they do ALL THE TIME, they'll fight you and just never do what you want. So to see himm really curled up and cute next to me is quite a surprise! I'm hopeful he'll continue to like this 'new' bed -- so I can actually use my chair again! (I've been in the habit of istting in the big over-stuffed chair -- with ottoman -- across the room. I like that chair, but I do like sitting in this corner spot. I'd like to have the option to do that again... But I certainly want Colin to have a 'cat bed' place all his own! He won't use the cat beds in Marilyn's bedroom, which both have ended up belonging to Henry. So he does need a spot that's special for him...)

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, by the way! Cold, with clear blue, gorgeous skies. The drive home from Seaside to Portland was WONDERFUL. (And the cats were great -- with almost no crying at all. True for both the trip down and home, I'm happy to report.)

Have I mentioned that Marilyn downloaded Civilization Revolution (Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution, to be exact) for her iPad??? I don't know what gave me the idea, but I suggested we see if there was an App/game of Civ for the iPad -- and she got this for 99 cents! She's been playing it for days now and just LOVING it! I'm so glad for her.

She's been playing Civ for YEARS AND YEARS -- way back when we lived in the house over on Buchanan street (near the Catholic Church in St. Johns). It got her through some dicey times when it was the only way she could relax, and I'll always feel good about that game. Anyway, it's cool for her to be able to play it on the iPad, wherever she happens to be. Times have really, really changed...

You know, back when we had that first version of Civilization we only had ONE computer (!!!) in the house -- and we shared it. And it wasn't much of a computer, either. Hahahahaha. Since then Marilyn has had a number of versions of Civ on several computers (including her laptops). And now she has it on the iPad.

Well, I'm going to go watch Leno. Betty White is going to be on -- and who doesn't love Betty White?

Before I go, Nicole had a freak accident today. Sue reported that Nicole fell down -- and was sucking on a lollipop at the time. Somehow the stick poked into her ear (!!!). There was pain and blood and Sue couldn't get her in to see the doctor. (sigh) Hopefully she will tomorrow. Your good thoughts/prayers are appreciated. I'm probably freaking out over this for nothing, but I'm worried... Hopefully it's okay. I'd hate to see Nicole suffering.

Goodnight all!