December 26th, 2012


Happy Boxing Day!

What a lazy day here at the beach house. (grin) Slept late and didn't do much of anything at all all day long. Okay, we did a few things, but it was seriously laid back around here!

Marilyn and I both watched TV and read our Kindle Apps (on our iPads). She finished her book and has started the sequel. The first book was "Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery" by Louisa M. Locke. The new one is "Uneasy Spirits: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery." (I've read the first one, but only started the second.) Oh! And I finished my Mary Russell book, too! Loved it to bits...

And we napped. Exhausting day! Hahahahahaha. We talked about going shopping, but just decided to stay home, instead.

OH! For those who celebrate:

Happy Boxing Day!!!

Good wishes and Happy Holidays to all my friends!

Texted with Rosanna today -- she may come to see us on Friday. That's when sister Sue is planning to come down, too.

June and Jim may come see us tomorrow -- I guess we'll know in the morning (she said she'd call us).

We had a great dinner here at home: fish, Brussels sprouts and cottage cheese -- with the last two pieces of pumpkin pie for dessert! Nice.

Oh! And the cats seemed to have a really good day, too. (smile)