December 11th, 2012

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Banner for eNewsletter...

The TOY DRIVE was a huge success -- we had tons and tons of toys! And the morning coverage on TV was really good.

Unfortunately, the Clackamas Mall shooting today meant that we got no coverage during the late afternoon/evening News period. Please don't misunderstand me -- of course this was appropriate! A Toy Drive is certainly not NEWS when we're talking about something so awful as the violent event that occurred. Again, the morning coverage was good -- and the event brought in a lot of amazing toys for needy children.

Marilyn and I were at work by 5:00 a.m. Interestingly enough, it was mild first thing today! Later in the morning it got colder and colder -- and by afternoon it was a miserably cold day. Marilyn now says she would have dressed differently had she known how cold it was going to be -- she got terribly chilled! I hope she doesn't end up sick. (sigh)

I didn't sleep well last night, which seems to be tied to my new medication. Right now I take it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night before bed -- and it seems to keep me awake, no matter how hard I try to sleep. So I got almost no sleep last night. I was good all morning, but Marilyn insisted I go home when our sister Sue came down to drop off toys for the drive. Sue was taking Nicole to her orthodontist appointment (to get her braces off), and she kindly brought me home so I didn't need to stay the full day.

I felt bad not to stay and help -- but grateful to Marilyn for insisting I come home. Anyway, I did spend part of today working on the banner for the eNewsletter that's due to go out this week (our end of year Appeal). Here's a small version of what it will look like -- minus text. If you click it you'll see a larger version (my original is actually 750 x 215 pixels in size -- but I uploaded a reduced version because I thought you could get the idea fine with this smaller one.

2012 banner

I also started a brand new blog today, believe it or not! I called it: Not for Wimps

The tagline reads: Dealing with Aging (Not GOING to Old Age!)

Hahahahahaha. Anyway, when I couldn't sleep last night I decided I wanted to do a blog that deals with the issues related to aging -- in a humorous way. I've got a bunch of ideas for topics -- and certainly my whole estrogen problem will be one of these! But the ideas were flowing as I was lying awake, and I think this blog could be a lot of fun. I guess we'll see how it goes...

Marilyn got home in time for us to eat around 8:00 p.m. tonight. I was suddenly so shaky while fixing dinner that I ran in and did my blood -- which was at 66 (!!!), which is pretty low for me! I was still shaking during dinner, even though I wolfed down some leftovers as I cooked... Interesting, as I've been a little high recently. Not anything too bad, but not down under 100 as I had been. The low number surprised me, to say the least.

Well, off for a much-needed nap! We've got City Hall (yes, again) tomorrow. And I have some other tasks that need doing -- along with getting that eNewsletter done for Thursday!

I need to share about a WONDERFUL book I just finished, too. Soon!