November 8th, 2012

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Marilyn Has Taken Sue to the Hospital...

Crazy to use the 'Elf' icon, I suppose -- but I think it's cute. And it shows Sue, Marilyn and me (sort of!). Hahahaha.

Anyway, as I type this, Marilyn is on her way to pick up sister Sue and take her to the hospital. It's right around 7:15 a.m. now...

Yeah, this procedure is not life-threatening. But she really needs to get the water weight off her body. Apparently there's some kind of blood test they do to see what's a normal level of water -- and Sue is way over this. Her one leg is terribly swollen and painful and has been for ages now. This isn't the only way to get the water off, but it's the best way. By the time she leaves the hospital they'll know what her 'dry weight' is -- which is a good thing. That will help for maintaining it in the future, too.

Of course, it's never good to enter a hospital. Marilyn always worries, because even healthy people are exposed to terrible things there. So I'm praying for Sue and hoping for the best.

I admire Marilyn so much. She was there for Sue yesterday -- and she's up early today and there for Sue today, too. She's dealing with the poison in her system from this terribly infected tooth (so bad that Mary couldn't touch it and had to send her to a specialist), and she's been in a lot of discomfort and pain. But Marilyn is always putting others first. That's just how she is...

It's COLD (brr) in the house this morning! It was 64° when I got up today. That might be okay for some people (I've heard that from friends, believe me), but I like it to be at least 68° in the house, personally! Plus I have been sick, so it's not good for me to get chilled right now.

I'm hoping I'm over this bug now. I was never all that sick, and the sore throat seems better this morning. I guess we'll see.

I have my eye doctor appointment tomorrow, so I can't miss that (no matter what). It's about time I got in to see Dr. Elliott. I'm way overdue. My doctor made a point of saying that I needed a diabetic eye check, aside from the usual tests...

Good, good news this morning, as far as my diabetes is concerned! I mentioned that Marilyn and I have been messing around with how I take my medications. (Partly because my own doctor was really no help there.) Marilyn has done TONS AND TONS of research about my meds online, the way she always does. Anyway, her goal -- and mine -- was to cut back or remove the Metformin entirely. I've been on both Metformin and Glipizide most of the time since finding out I was diabetic.

Originally I was intolerant of the Glipizide. I've never been able to take it in the mornings all the time I've been on it. I could only take it at night. But the doctor has even increased the dose of Metformin over time. And the Metformin has the more serious side effects (and my sister Sue has said for ages). Anyway, we just started this, and yesterday was the first time I took only Glipizide both morning and night. This morning my result was 95 (!!!), which is pretty much perfect for a morning result. That's with NO Metformin at all, which is the goal. So we'll try continuing this from here on out and see how it goes. I've got my fingers crossed -- but I'm also going to continue to EAT WELL and EXERCISE, because those are important aspects of this process!

Yesterday morning I was slightly high in the morning, after only Glipzide at night. But I hadn't taken Glipizide during the day -- so that was probably why. I'd been concerned that we were going to need to put the Metformin back in the mix to make this work, long term. And it's hard to know, yet. Maybe we will need to, part of the time.

I can't believe how long it's taking me to finish this entry! It's now heading toward 8:00 a.m. (45 minutes after I started this). Obviously it's not a long entry -- and it's not that thought-provoking. Hahahahaha. But I've been watching the morning news on TV and have been a bit distracted, I guess.

Anyway, I'm off. Have a good day, all!

TMI - v2

TMI: Activia (Yes, I Have to Go There!)

Okay, this is going to be TMI (Too Much Information, for those who don't do cyber-speak). Feel free to ignore or avoid. But I just have to go there and talk about Activia...

Consider yourself warned!!!

We've all seen the commercials, right? And heard the catchy little ditty, "Act-tiv-ia!" We've also heard and seen the jokes and skits, some that even show Jamie Lee Curtis supposedly pooping in her pants. Ha ha. Funny!


Well, here's the thing. Apparently due to a somewhat botched surgery when I was six years old, I've had a life time of bowel issues. (This wasn't discovered until a few years ago when I had a hysterectomy that turned into a more major surgery with multiple surgeons.) Ultimately the WHY doesn't really matter: I could have had bowel issues due to any cause, as many, many people do. I often think a normal bowel is less normal than people think.

And, yeah, I get it. We're still big kids at heart, and poop and pooping is both funny and embarrassing. It's easy to make jokes and laugh -- and we're laughing at ourselves as much as anything.

That said, we all poop. And if we're healthy, we poop every day.

But not me. Never in my life have I pooped on a daily basis. And for most of my life my cycle would mean I'd only poop every three or four days -- and sometimes that could be even more days between bowel movements. And it doesn't take a genius to reason out that this isn't healthy. Not at all.

Yes, diet and exercise have helped sometimes. But only helped somewhat.

And it wasn't thought of as that strange in our family. My dad had a history of bowel problems and constipation that made the whole family less concerned than we probably should have been. I don't think I can think of any time that I knew dad not to have issues. He lived on prunes and prune juice, among other methods of coping.

For me, it wasn't always a question of actual constipation and hard stool -- it was more a question of pattern. On the rare occasions when I had genuine constipation, I would get horrible constipation headaches. But I recall these from high school on, and not prior to that. And these were few and far between. Later in life I did deal with some severe constipation that made me rock hard and doubled over rolling on my bed in real agony, close to unable to pass anything. That's not fun, believe me.

Time to talk Activia, my friends! I've only been using it for a little more than a week, but since the VERY FIRST container, I've been pooping every day. And that's just unheard of for me!

I'm not using it as they recommend, which is multiple times a day. I simply eat one container of Activia every morning for breakfast. I've been eating the 'Light' variety (only 60-70 calories each) and mostly the peach flavor (I had strawberry/banana today, though). I haven't had cramps (I guess some people do), or any other negative side effects at all. And sometimes I poop more than once a day. (More than once a day is not strange for me, because when you only go every several days, you do tend to have what I've always called 'Pooping Days' -- where you're in and out of the bathroom.)

Please note that I have used other yogurts over the years, but without these results -- or even close. Just to be clear.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting that my pooping is now 'perfect' by any means. But it's so amazingly improved that I can't help but feel good about it. I wouldn't share something this TMI and personal if I didn't feel it might help somebody else to read it. It's probably odd how much difference pooping makes to our daily lives, but it is one of those foundations of health, after all.

I know Activia isn't inexpensive, as yogurt goes. You can get it cheaper at Walmart, if you're someone who shops there (as I do). I suspect some flavors are more pleasant than others, though I think I'd use it even if I found the taste unpleasant, in all honesty. The containers are small, so it's not that much to eat.

In the scheme of things, this may be a small change in my life. But I'm pretty happy I decided to give Activia a try!

If this makes people want to picture me walking around telling everyone to use Activia and pooping in my pants (as those Jamie Lee Curtis skits and jokes go), so be it! I can't know how well this has worked for me without sharing it. Consider it highly recommended!

Poop and pooping? Still funny. But not so funny when you don't do it for a long time...

no way lj, lj -- no way

New Friends Page at LiveJournal??? Noooooooo!!!

Please (please, please) leave well enough alone, LiveJournal! I thought constant CHANGES for no good reason was what Facebook was about -- but NOT my beloved LJ!!! It just makes me crazy!

Has anyone else tried -- and HATED -- the 'new' Friends Page???

What's the point, really? If things aren't broken, why are we fixing them? What's wrong with leaving things we LIKE exactly the way they are?

I hope they leave it optional, but I have a bad feeling about it.