November 3rd, 2012

cat kleenex, kleenex cat

Lazy Saturday -- Mostly in Bed...

I spent most of today in bed -- with Marilyn spending much of it snoozing on the sofa (in the family room -- her favorite sleeping spot).

I also spent a lot of time reading my current Laurie R. King book on my Kindle (yes, another MRy Russell/Sherlock Holmes story), between napping.

We watched TV (including "The Mod Squad"), ate a bit and Marilyn played some Zuma. But we've done NO WORK at all -- though Marilyn did just do the treadmill. I should be exercising, too, really -- but I still feel somewhat under the weather, with a sore throat and earache, so I know I won't. And it's late and I'm tired and suggest another excuse and I'll use that, too. (smile)

Right now it's just about hanging in there...

This weekend Marilyn and I need to do our research about VOTING. We might even fill out our ballots, though we won't take them in until Tuesday...

Marilyn is doing the treadmill -- how inspirational is that? (She really rocks.)

We need to go shopping, but are in NO RUSH to do so. Whatever!

By the way, just talked to sister Sue. She's at a cribbage tournament in Long Beach, Washington.