October 24th, 2012

rain our house

No Rain, Please...

Thankfully it's actually sunny today. I continue to WORRY about the rain and our house -- and the potential for flooding. (sigh)

It's that time of year. We'll only be getting more and more rain as time passes.

Hopefully Hector DID end up at the house this morning. I'd originally planned to be there, but I had a meeting here at the office that I really needed not to miss, so... He was supposed to do our gutters again, which I'm sure really need it.

I was also going to talk to him about digging a trench and burying the thing from the downspout (near the garage). But that obviously will have to wait for another time.

I was in the utility room digging out Halloween stuff first thing this morning. And I couldn't stop thinking about how it had flooded when we had that terrible rain. There's so much stuff in there I want to protect from future flooding, if at all possible.

I saw Frank (from our board) here at the office, and he asked why we didn't just do French drains. But it's quite expensive -- and we'd need to do several of them. We're not talking hundreds of dollars -- we're talking thousands of dollars. I don't see it happening any time soon, anyway. We need work-arounds that will make us feel more secure.

In other not-so-happy news, the tooth next to the one Marilyn had pulled is erupting, and probably needs a root canal now. She's in a lot of pain from it -- and I don't want to see her face swell up and so on like before. But she needs an antibiotic she WON'T have a reaction to -- that horrible rash was a terrible thing for her! I have a 2:00 appointment today that she's taking me to. Maybe Mary can look at her at the same time. I hope so!

And our house taxes came. Surprise! They went UP.

So much of life is about money. It's a shame that's true, but it is. I know we'll be okay. But still... (sigh)