September 21st, 2012

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Friday in Denver -- My Award and More...

Just back to the room after dinner with Marilyn and Angel. We skipped attending the baseball game and fireworks in lieu of a quiet meal and good conversation -- and enjoyed both, I'm happy to report!

This hotel is MILES from anywhere, for the record. The conference is here, and the hotel shuttle will take you anywhere within a five-mile radius, only. There aren't even any restaurants within walking distance (we just ate in the combined bar and restaurant in the hotel). Get this: The airport is SIX miles from here, so there is no shuttle to the airport! (The cab fair was more than $60 coming in!)

The food at dinner was surprisingly good! Both Marilyn and I started out with Caesar salads (nice), and Angel had French onion soup. I had more Filet Mignon (!!!) tonight, again. Good (though nothing like last night, if I'm being honest -- that was really amazing food). But tonight we had dessert, too, which was fun.

I'm exhausted tonight. Probably just all the excitement and stress and everything. It was a busy day. This morning was the Opening Ceremony, which ran long (two and a half plus hours - yikes).

Next up for me was the Awards Luncheon -- where I was officially presented with my Volunteer of the Year Award, and gave my acceptance speech. It was an incredible experience. I got to meet many people, had wonderful things said to me (I was called 'Superwoman' by one woman, for example) and was told I did a great job on my speech. I wasn't that nervous about the speech (public speaking doesn't bother me), but I had thought what a shame it would be if I messed up even a bit. (I think they might have taped it...)

They did a video about me using still photos and narration that was very nice. And my award is quite impressive! It has a sort of shooting star on it... Jeff is going to take it home for me so I don't have to, thankfully! But right now it's here in our room where I can enjoy it.

I been stopped all day long by people offering me congratulations and wanting to chat. Quite a heady thing, I have to say. People have been extremely kind.

After the Luncheon, Marilyn went to a session. I came back to the room to put my feet up and read -- and dozed off! She woke me just in time for the Pinnacle Awards in the afternoon. We both found these disappointing this year. We won a total 14 awards -- the smallest amount we've had in the last six years. Several submissions we'd expected to win Gold didn't even get a Bronze. Seriously, what a disappointment. All that work and our all-night sessions did not pay off. (sigh) We're seeing this as a message that we need to back off next year and not work as hard on these... Maybe submit less. Life is too short.

We want to focus a little LESS on work and more on us. And it's probably about time. Our lives have been so much about WORK since 2005...

I'm certainly looking forward to heading home again. In fact, I can't wait! The bed isn't comfy, my allergies are going nuts here and I'm worn out. (And then we have to go home and work on the photo boards for Mitch tomorrow night... sigh... It makes me weary to think about it.)

We're doing a late check-out tomorrow, as we have an evening flight home. Too  bad we're not going home earlier in the day. Oh well.

Can't wait to see my (poor) cats and my own bed!

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