September 19th, 2012

lj -- drive me crazy

Changes at LJ? Thanks, Loads. (sigh)

I don't use my old 'LiveJournal: Continuing to drive me crazy on a regular basis' icon much these days. First, it's based on the really old version of the site. And, second, it seems like a waste of time. No, one of my reasons isn't that they've stopped driving me crazy -- because things have been worse, rather than better.

For those who might not know what I'm referring to, LiveJournal has a NEW RELEASE -- and we're being invited to Beta it.

Now don't get the idea that it's going to matter if you beta or not -- or if you offer feedback or not. It's been my experience that LJ will roll out changes even if the greater majority of the feedback they receive is negative. (Seen this before, over and over. Hell, I've been here since 2002, so...)

If you don't like the new version of Update, you'd better get past it -- because it's likely you're going to be stuck with it, no matter what.

I'd like to say that I believe they'll give us an option to select old or new -- but I don't believe that. I think both will be there for a time, then they'll force everyone to change. Wow! That sounds a lot like Facebook, by the way! But it's not like LiveJournal doesn't have a history of unpopular code changes, so...

I must have replied to at least half a dozen comments that were shared on the above-lined entry. Or more, for all I know. The whole thing is highly annoying...

cat kneading, happy cat

Ready to Go to Denver? Getting Closer!

I talked to both sister Sue and friend June about the cats. These two are BOTH minding the house and our kitties while Marilyn and I are gone. (Jim is going to help, too -- with the garbage and recycling, anyway!) So nice of all of them. But I must have driven them NUTS with instructions.

'Only bottled water to drink.'

'Don't over feed. They hate dry food. Toss out the old food and give them fresh.'

'Extra food is in the downstairs freezer.'

And on and on. We're gone a lousy three days and two nights, people! I think the cat will do just fine... Hahahahahaha.

I'm a control freak. Couldn't help myself! And I gave our tomatoes to both of them, too. They started out green and went red and lovely -- and would go belly up before we get back! I didn't want to toss them, and both Sue and June seemed pleased to have them. Good deal all the way around!

Sister Sue is taking us to the airport in the morning. I'll be fighting myself NOT to over-pack for once. I mean, AGAIN, we're only there two nights and three days! How many clothes do we need? Plus we'll be wearing our uniforms, so...

The house? Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Even my bedroom isn't that bad. Yeah, I need to vacuum, but whatever. It's better than it has been, anyway!

Poor Marilyn. It's going on 9:00 p.m. as I type this, and she's STILL AT WORK. No surprise, with budgets due and everything. As I've said, it's hard for her to be out of the office right now. And I'm so grateful she's going to be there with me! (At one point we thought she wouldn't get to go, so this is pretty special.)

Sister Sue told me today that she'd really wanted to go -- and could have gotten free airfare. That was the first I heard of it, so I was pretty surprised. I'm sorry she can't make it, but glad she's willing to help care for our cats (and house!) while we're gone. She's a great big sister!

My speech is done. I've got it both on my iPhone and iPad -- and Marilyn printed it out for me at work. It's short (under three minutes long), so I should be able to remember it, pretty much. That is, if I spend a little time practicing it! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Hahahahahaha. Well, like I said, it's short -- so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Marilyn and I can pack tonight -- or even first thing in the morning, really.

Well, I walked away and it's now past 9:00 -- and Marilyn is on her way home. Gotta run!