September 15th, 2012

sunshine, sunny

Lazy, Lovely, Saturday!

Marilyn and I did run one errand today: We got our uniform jackets in to the dry cleaner to be cleaned for our trip next week to Denver. (Wow, I've got something all WHITE all over the front of mine! I hope they can get it out!)

We just finished watching "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," on cable -- the movie from 2011, with Andy Serkis as Caesar (amazing!!!). Even if you're NOT a planet of the apes fan -- which Marilyn and I have been since we were kids -- I think you'd love this film. It's really GREAT viewing!

Now we're upstairs (we were watching TV in the family room downstairs before) and in our home office playing Zuma. Zuma never seems to lose its charm, all these many years later! (grin)

We're noshin' on cut up Tillamook cheese and meat sticks from Reser's. Yummy and simple. It's been a hot day and we're not in the mood to cook...

Today is half-way through September, and I've managed to blog every day so far. I also blogged every day in August. I'M BACK!!! (smile) Well, I'm going to try and make up for most of the year when I was a bad, bad blogger.

We're supposed to be at the office printing out photos of Mitch tonight. Maybe tomorrow night? We're in charge of doing the photo board of him for his Memorial, which happens the day after we get back from Denver (a week from tomorrow, in other words).

Right now TIME just seems to be zipping by us! I can't believe it was just festival time. Then we turn around a couple of times and here it is mid-September! Where did the summer months dash off to?

It's going to be so weird, Halloween with no Mitch. We didn't always SEE him on Halloween, but we always TALKED to him -- usually several times! We would always compare back and forth how many trick or treaters we'd had...

Well, no point dwelling on that now. It will probably be hard enough to get through his Memorial next week...

We did go for Starbucks today and a ride to Sauvie Island, too. But that's pretty much it aside from watching TV and napping.

Off to play Zuma now!