September 10th, 2012


Home: In Portland Tonight

We decided to stay down at our beach house to watch the Men's Finals of the U.S. Open. We cooked fried green tomatoes mid-day (quite a change for us!) to eat while we watched. Green tomatoes during U.S. Open tennis is a tradition -- but generally during evening matches... (Yes, it included zucchini and some red tomatoes, too...)

After both Marilyn and I had showers to wash our hair before packing up to head home. Yes, we cleaned up the kitchen and gathered all the garbage and recycling and put it out. The house was looking good when we departed.

Ralph dropped by very shortly today, but didn't stay when he found us there. We gave him a few tasks to do -- he's really a huge help, aside from the fact he keeps an eye on the place.

June and Jim and Janet and Doug were all watching the Portland house for us while we were gone. (And June was taking our mail in for us.) So we've got great people helping out at both ends! (smile) Makes you feel better and safer about things.

Henry? First he puts himself into his crate and lies down, ready to head home. No problem, right? Wrong. He screams (and I mean screams) almost all the way home. We think it was partly due to traveling most of the way in the dark -- which he doesn't seem to like for whatever reason. But obviously we're only guessing as to what gets him so riled up. He was tearing at his rubber pad (ripping out pieces) and banging on his door and just acting up. No clue why. Once he got home he was fine again. Go figure. Makes for a rather annoying and stressful ride, though!

We had a pan of refried beans for dinner while watching "The Mod Squad" (on our DVR). Nice!

Oh! I forgot to mention how THRILLED Marilyn and I were that Andy Murray won the U.S. Open! It was a great match and he did an amazing job. Way to go, Andy!

Back to work tomorrow. Vacation is officially over. And we've got things to keep us busy and in town -- plus our trip to Denver coming up. So it might be a few weeks before we get back to the beach house.

We did have a WONDERFUL vacation! It seemed really long and pleasant, in spite of some recent negative things.

Apparently there was a power outage while we were gone. We had to turn our computers back on and reset some clocks. We know Portland had an earthquake, but I doubt the two things are connected... (???). Anyway, it's nice to be home. We love BOTH of our houses, after all.

Marilyn really did some cleaning here before we headed to the beach, by the way. Nice to come home to! We need to do more around here and continue with that goal of organizing and cleaning up.

Well, on that note, we're off to bed soon...