September 8th, 2012

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Everyday Hero: That's Me, I Guess!

KATU Channel 2 (one of our local stations) has a series they do called Everyday Heroes. And guess what?

Did you figure I was named one? It came as a shock to me!

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I can't believe the attention. As I keep saying, I'm one of those behind-the-scenes types, folks. I'm not usually in the limelight.

Yes, I'm seen by Grand Floral Parade participants each year -- as I use body and voice to direct them at the beginning of the parade. But that's not like this, with interviews on TV, in the newspaper and on the internet. Wow, who would have GUESSED this? Not me!

The funny thing? Our local neighborhood paper did NOT cover the story -- the one place I was hoping it would end up. You know, the kind of paper where you submit your 'family' or 'school' news. Military items and local obits and the like. I wanted it there so people who actually do know me would get to see -- in case I forgot to tell anyone who would really WANT to know about this. Doesn't that just figure? Hahahahahahaha. Being in that paper really has nothing to do with fame -- even the fifteen minute variety. It's only geared toward North Portland readers, at most. Well, you just never know...

News is a funny thing. I'd hate to try and guess what's really 'news' and what's not.

Me? I'm still surprised, pleased, honored and humbled by this situation. And the trip to Denver and the official presentation of my award (plus my speech) are yet to come. Not that far off now, though.

Oh! It made the magazine, too -- I forgot I need to share that link, as well...