September 6th, 2012

mt. hood

Mt. St. Helens Visit: Ape Caves, Lava Canyon and Yale Reservoir

Okay, is it WRONG (???) to use my 'Mt. Hood' icon for a visit to Mt. St. Helens? If so, sorry about that. Hahahahahahaha. I don't have an icon for Mt. St. Helens, so...

Today Marilyn and I were considering a trip to Mt. St. Helens -- which is a trip we've made before. But instead, we tried something NEW -- going to the Ape Caves. If you've never gone down into a lava cave, you need to try it sometime. Back in 2008, Marilyn and I went to the Lava River Cave in August (with Jessica and Tom) near Bend, Oregon. (I can't believe I never shared the photos here! My bad.) It's an experience that's impossible to describe, I have to say...

By the way, it's both COLD and DARK down there! You don't go in thin clothes, shorts or without a jacket -- and I'm not kidding. Even on a hot summer day. And the first time back in 2008, I had BAD SHOES on -- another no-no. Be prepared -- and I'm not joking around about that.

(Thankfully they do always seem to rent lanterns, so no worries there...)

On the way, we stopped first at the Yale Reservoir. I swear I've never seen water so clear and pretty!

Then we went to the caves (doing the easy one).

From there we went up to the Lava Canyon, which is amazing! We didn't hike for long there, as we were pretty done in by then. (Next time!)

We got amazing photos, including some really good ones of Mt. St. Helens. I'll try and share tomorrow, I think. It's just too late tonight...

After we got back we went to purchase the urn (which turned out to be urns) for our friend Mitch (to hold his ashes). We need to deliver them in the morning to be filled. We have one container for our Portland home, another for our Seaside home -- and we'll have some ashes put in another container. The third we plan to spread. (Yeah, I know it's illegal most places, but whatever. We've done it before and we'll be doing it again. So that's all there is to it...)

Then we came home briefly and went out for dinner (Mexican food). Then shopping for some things we had to have (mostly for the beach house). And then home again.

I went next door to see neighbor June (and husband Jim). Today was her birthday, and I wanted to take her a card and some small things. We had a nice visit, if short.

After that I was back home to do the garbage and recycling (it's actual garbage week).

When we've done our delivery in the morning we'll be off to the beach again tomorrow for the weekend.

Right now I need to go and wash my hair, which appears to be full of cave slime. No, I'm NOT kidding! The walls of the cave are damp and icky -- and they make a point of telling you not to touch them because the cave slime is important to underground life.

Look, I didn't touch them on purpose! And I certainly didn't plan to get slime all over my HAIR, believe me!!! But that's life.

I can't wait to share my lovely photos. I'm trying to hold myself to it! Hahahahaha.

More soon...