September 4th, 2012

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Movie: "The Bourne Legacy"

Marilyn and I are just back from the show where we (finally) saw the movie "The Bourne Legacy," with Jeremy Renner (as Aaron Cross) and Rachel Weisz (as Marta Shearing). Awesome film! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action/adventure flicks. This was not gory, didn't spend too much time on traditional chase scenes and had AMAZING characters in Aaron and Marta. Jeremy (a huge fave of ours for years) and Rachel were both EXCELLENT.

No, we didn't head for Portland today -- instead we decided to spend another day at our beach house. It was really socked in here, but we did take a drive over to Tolovana Beach at one point -- and it was sunny with blue skies. But the mist and fog was hanging over the ocean! Still a very lovely day.

We started to pack up for the trip home -- and even got the cats' crates out. They immediately went upstairs as if to say 'We don't want to go home!' -- and they stayed there for hours in Marilyn's bedroom! Sweet boys. They really like it here. (Who doesn't?)

We're heading back tomorrow, but plan to come back again after we pick up a few things from home...

Today was a wonderful vacation day!

But things weren't so hot at the rained-out U.S. Open, I'm afraid. Roddick will play first thing tomorrow, weather allowing...