September 1st, 2012


At Our Beach House

So, Marilyn and I decided to come down to the beach house for Labor Day. We did some cleaning (shock!) at home before we left, then packed up our cats and miscellany and off we went.

Get this: Both cats put themselves into their crates when it was time to go! They each went into their own crates (they have their names printed on them), too. Pretty impressive, no? I think they were as ready for a trip to the beach as WE were! (grin)

We've been having a lovely time here! Going from room to room and just enjoying this oh-so-special house. Nice! It's a beautiful, sunny summer day -- but not too hot. So it's perfect here.

Sister Sue is off to another cribbage tournament this weekend, so it's just the four of us (Marilyn, Colin, Henry and me, that is!).

It's been weeks (over a month) since we've been able to get down here, so we'd really been missing the house. And we had a few 'experiments' going on in the fridge, including curdled milk (!!!), mushy-awful zucchini and a container of moldy beans. Not too bad when you consider we'd originally expected to be back in a week, as I recall...

Thankfully we've got a Safeway close to home -- and it's a 24-hour one, too! So we ran out for a few things (don't ask how much we spent!) and then came home and ate snacks.

We used our Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn popper for the first time. (We've had one at our other home for years and years -- still works great. But I have to admit the NEW one is faster, so it might be worth finally investing in a new model for the Portland house, too...)

We can often make a meal out of a big bowl of popcorn, so we decided to skip frying green tomatoes tonight (as we'd originally thought we might).

In other 'treats' we bought at Safeway, I wanted wine, so I got some Chocolate wine (!!!) (see their WEBSITE) -- which apparently is chocolate and red wine. Wow, is it ever yummy! I wasn't sure when I got it if I'd like it or not, but it's FABULOUS. If you like wine and have never tried it, give it a chance. I think you'll be glad you did!

After we first settled in, we did go into Seaside, which is backed with people this weekend. (No surprise there.) We parked and walked, getting pronto pups (corn dogs) as we headed to the actual beach. Then we sat and watched the sunset (and listened to a man playing the sax) as we watched the sunset. Truly priceless.

We've also been watching U.S. Open Tennis since we got here, both upstairs and down. (smile) And some "The Big Valley" and other TV faves, too. Relaxation time!

I brought along a bunch more clothes I plan to leave. I love getting more and more personal stuff here. It's our HOME, not just another place we stay. And it's very cool having two homes, I have to say...

Well, we might watch a movie now. Or more TV. Or just head to bed. Hard to say. We like to play it by ear here!

I was going to share a bunch of beach photos, but we really need a NEW BATCH! All the others are old -- and we've changed things around since taking them! It's nice to have photos as we go, so we can see how things have evolved. Very fun! But I'd like to share some current photos -- after I finally take them, that is!

Photos coming soon -- I promise!