August 19th, 2012

Jesus wept

Another Tough Day...

Losing a best friend -- and a peer? Very hard. We've been fighting not to sit around and feel sad. We've been fighting not to keep crying all the time.

Marilyn went to see Mary first thing today. She took an x-ray, but that was it. She's hoping to be able to pull the bad tooth tomorrow (Monday), but we'll have to wait and see at this point, as it's so infected... (At least the pain doesn't seem to be as bad now. And her swelling has gone down quite a bit!)

I never slept at all last night, so I was exhausted today. We finally took naps in the late afternoon/evening, thankfully.

Then with sister Sue, Marilyn and I rode up the Columbia River Gorge. We went to Spooky's in The Dalles for pizza -- to celebrate Mitch's 56th birthday (a day early). We even got dessert and put it in front of the empty chair at the table, before splitting it. We did cry a little, but it was nice.

We're resolved to continue to celebrate for (and with) Mitch every year from here on out. It seems like a nice way to remember my friend. I'll try and share photos tomorrow.

Right now we're off to watch an episode of "The Mod Squad" (love that show!!!) before heading to bed.

Keep your fingers crossed for Marilyn that the dental thing goes well tomorrow, will you? (And all prayers are much appreciated, as well.)

Good night, dear friends. Be kind to yourselves!