August 7th, 2012

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Busy Tuesday: Housecleaning is the Goal!

First off, a close friend (my buddy Kris) lost his mother this morning. I feel so bad for him. I think it's especially hard to lose a parent when you've had them into their eighties, as he has. I imagine it must feel like the parent will be there forever. It's a difficult loss when your mom dies. I know it will take him time (probably a couple of years, actually) to get past her loss, knowing how it was for us and how it's been for many friends. It's getting through the first couple of Christmases and birthdays and stuff that are really rough...

I'm praying for him and have him foremost in my thoughts. I was sorry I wasn't in the office, because he dropped by (and obviously wanted to see me). But he did get to speak with Marilyn, so that was good.

Anyway, in other news, Marilyn and I really (really, really) want to get this 'disaster' of a house cleaned up. That means getting RID of a bunch of stuff. My goal would be to eliminate half of every drawer, shelf, box and so on -- but I think that's pretty unrealistic. (Especially with me, as I have such a difficult time getting rid of things with sentimental value...) But maybe if I shoot for a third, we'd have a better chance of getting there!

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Oh! First thing this morning I had to select the photos for the big announcement that takes place later this week (I don't know what day). I don't think I mentioned going to get my photo taken by a professional photographer, but I did that a couple weeks back. Then he posts them for you to review them, then you pick some, then he has his 'artist' touch them up. Anyway, my new icon of me in the beige and white blouse is one of these.

It was frankly about time I got a new 'default' icon of myself, considering the other one is pretty old. Yeah, I love my 'hug tree' icon (and always have). But my new icon is a really recent photo, so it makes sense to change. And I can still use the old one whenever I want to, after all...

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Anyway, it's around 3:30 p.m. and I'm bushed! I still need to empty the wastebaskets and I was hoping to vacuum (though I doubt that's happening today, to be honest).

Really, I can already tell a difference with my office shelves, which is a great thing! That makes me really happy. Onward and upward! (smile)

Marilyn has been especially hard on herself on the fact that we don't clean more. But you know, we're so physically and mentally EXHAUSTED after the festival gets over (plus getting through IFEA submissions), that I find it little wonder we don't want to do anything but rest during the rest of July. Now that it's August we certainly need to try and get things organized, but I think we need to avoid beating ourselves up when we don't really feel like it. Sleeping, naps, reading, watching TV and movies, writing, taking drives and so on -- these are important in recharging our batteries after so many, many months of constant hard work.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. I'm sure we'll improve with all of this over time. Right now I just feel like taking boxes and filling them up with stuff. And I'm not kidding!