August 2nd, 2012

I write therefor I am

Writing Contest -- Back From Our Past!

Marilyn and I literally started what we've always called 'writing contests' decades ago. Of course, back in the early days, these were done while sitting on a blanket outside in the yard, all longhand. We used to feel half an hour was a good time, but these days we can both barely get started unless we give it a full hour -- so that's what we do!

Today we wrote two stories, and my second one was more than 2,000 words long. Not bad in one hour, if you think about it...

Of course, these aren't totally 'clean' -- they need some work, as we were pretty much writing as fast as we could while still creating an actual story. It doesn't have to be a full story (even a full short story) -- just a good start on a story. We don't really rate these in any way, so it's kind of funny that we call them writing contests. But these motivate us to get started writing, and that's the real point.

As I mentioned last night, we actually started then. We each wrote one story last night, and we've written two today (so far). Our goal is to write more, though. We'll see...

We both love writing, so this has been a real treat. And it's fun to have some new stuff to read, too! I still love having a vague idea and just letting it go -- and seeing how it comes out. It often doesn't go the way I expect it to, that's for sure.

Another basically lazy day, by the way. Some writing, reading, TV watching (including the Olympics, of course) and sleeping. And eating foods we enjoy. We had a nice pot of beans, more macaroni salad and other goodies. Really 'like a party' -- as we like to say. Had another beer today. (woo hoo)

Yes, we're enjoying our vacation!