June 1st, 2012

charlie 2012 beige

Icon LOVE! Seriously.

So, I'm madly in love with my new icon, Zombie Arms (which should be displaying with this entry).

I can see a lot of potential for using this one, aside from zombie-related entries. I mean, who doesn't have days when you want to block ANYONE and EVERYONE from coming into your life??? Hahahahahaha.

Anyway, it's really working for me!

If you're signed up to see what icons your friends load, you'll have noticed I had something of a zombie theme going just now. I didn't want to forget to load them. I didn't just make them, but I hadn't taken time to load them when I did...

I have a bunch more of Daryl from "The Walking Dead" -- hopefully I'll load more soon. And I'm a huge "Shaun of the Dead" fan, too -- so it was fun to have an icon from that flick. My generic Zombie Walking icon is cool -- it really has that zombie shuffle down, I think.

So, HOW does my crucifix icon fit in here? Please, don't GO there! I've seen enough Jesus zombie stuff as it is. Admittedly it IS bloody (!!!), but again, let's not go there. I just hadn't ever uploaded this icon, even though I like it quite a bit...

Maybe when the festival is over this year, I'll get back to making -- and even sharing -- more icons again. I certainly hope so! I miss icon creation, which can be great fun.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how that goes. It's not long now until the festival is done for another year...