May 22nd, 2012


Dinner at Midnight? Yes.

Marilyn finally got home and we just finished dinner. It's just past midnight...

I'm tired -- I imagine she is, too. We'll probably head to bed soon.

I finished an entire eNewsletter today -- including doing a new header banner.

I also fixed a major aspect of the festival website today -- something I wanted to change years ago, but was convinced I could NEVER fix. So that was very cool! I feel very proud of myself. There's no other way to say it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. I'm too tired to blog further, so that's it for now...


Shoot Me Now!

Um, yeah. It hasn't been a horrible day or anything -- just a wildly frustrating day!

No, people, we are NOT going to change our policies at the website -- policies I've carefully enforced for the past five years -- just because a sponsor isn't happy with their placement on a given page.

It should be HMCS not HCMS -- it stands for Her Majesty's Canadian Ship, after all. We messed it up for the second year in a row. I'm being kind when I say 'we.' I'm not supposed to have to catch these things: I'm being given fleet copy by supposed experts, so why are they missing this???

We have NO BANDS in our Memorial Day March for next Monday. Zero. Nada. Whoops, I take that back! The OMTAAMB is going to throw together as many people as they can to give us one marching band! And we're scrambling to get boom boxes and whatever else to have some MUSIC in our March. It's so dull without it...

Hey, if you discover what you think is a large mistake on one of our webpages, I suggest you be kind with how you present it to me as the webmaster. After all, when I confirm updates (etc.), I always send an email that tells the person who submitted Copy to 'please review' the page in question. That means it's very much up to them to find errors right away and get back to me for quick turnaround corrections. Don't come to me more than two weeks later and jump on me like I'm the one who screwed up.

By the way, you might want to check to be sure said mistakes are on the actual page you're complaining about -- and not another webpage entirely... (!!!)

How many times do I need to explain why something at the website needs to appear in DATE order to make sense -- ??? No, we can not just shift things around randomly, because then site visitors will be confused. And while it may appear to be all about the sponsors, we really do want to please the ten of thousands of people currently visiting our website! (The largest number ever, by the way...)

Well, I need to go Tweet for the festival, which I haven't done ONCE yet today. (sigh) I'm falling behind like mad on this. But we do have a bunch of new Followers since I officially took over Twitter -- and we're getting a bunch of Mentions. (We probably would no matter what, but it's cool, even so!)

I actually read here (and dashed off a couple of comments) -- so that was nice! Missing you guys tons!


Apple? iPhone? I'm Wrong and I'm Sorry...

Guess what I (finally) figured out today???

Okay, if you saw my rant from yesterday about this subject, then you know I was really on a roll. But it turns out you CAN select any number of 'places' for various phone numbers -- if you know what you're doing.

I guess the issue is more about how you're just supposed to 'magically' know how -- and considering I train others how to use computers and do other basic tech-type stuff, it's ridiculous when even I can easily reason these things out... I mean, I'm the person that writes tutorials ('How To' things) all the time. So I think Apple (and others) should be concerned if I have to search and search for the answer to these things!

For those who want to know HOW it's done:
1. You go to your Phone > and go to Contacts
2. You go to one Contact > you click the Edit button
3. In the line where your phone number appears, you click DIRECTLY on the WORD that precedes it (such as 'mobile') -- and you'll receive the option to pick from a long list of places.
4. Select one (it will be checked).
5. Click the Done button to Save.

I need to type those up for those people at the office who have iPhones, I'm sure...

Hey, at least I admit when I was wrong, though -- and I was wrong. So I have to apologize to Apple (ugh) and my iPhone. (sigh)

Well, back to work!