May 16th, 2012

charlie 2012 beige

Hair Cut? Yes!!!

I'm off in an hour to get a much-needed HAIR CUT! (woo hoo) Sister Sue is coming over to take me.

I've got a new hairdresser -- Dee -- from my old hair salon. This is where I used to go -- and it's Sue's shop (and where both Candy and Nicole go, too). I've had more than one hairdresser there over the years.

Then I need to come home and COLOR my hair (!!!). It's important to try and look good for the upcoming festival, after all!

The next thing I need done is a manicure -- and I need it BAD. I can't imagine WHEN that's going to happen, though! I have one badly broken nail, so this is about more than the pretty...

Well, back to work in the meantime!