February 10th, 2012

coins in glass, may your glass be half full

Busy AND Excited! Plus Mail to My Mom...

First off, you may have noticed I haven't blogged this week (!!!). Well, it's been pretty crazy lately -- plus Marilyn and I have some exciting stuff going on that I'm not quite read to blog about yet (very, very soon -- I promise).

Anyway, my world is BUSY, which is normal for this time of year. I've got lots of IT stuff to keep me spinning, and website updates to do (same old, same old). We've had two new people start recently (Tiffany last week and Barbara this week), so I've been doing orientations (like always).

I wasn't feeling all that great yesterday, to be honest. But I had to go to work, anyway, as they were doing the electrical changes to the IT Room, and I needed to be there. (The City guys always like me to be there whenever they're around, which is actually kind of nice! They all seem to like me, and it's good to be wanted, after all...)

Kris was in yesterday, too -- and got a lot of IT issues resolved. The whole Remote Desktop access thing is still a can of worms, but at least people can SCAN again from the copier, which has been a very serious issue in recent weeks (don't even get me started...).

I fixed some IT stuff for Sara and then set up Rosanna's iPad to get work email (via the Exchange). So I did get some things done on my own, too.

Marilyn brought me home early in the afternoon, then I did dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, got the garbage and recycling (and composting) out, did some laundry -- and read almost an entire book in one sitting (Dean Koontz -- "Relentless"). Plus I did have a nap, as well. Which is probably why I feel better today!

I was supposed to go with Marilyn this morning, but she let me stay home. When she's done with her current meeting (GFP), she's heading home to get me. Then we have some MAJOR (and important) errands to run the rest of today. More about all of that soon!

Changing gears, I wanted to touch on the mail we received last week. It's a letter from St. Joseph's Indian School -- and it's addressed to Gloria at our address.

It's hard to believe that Mom is still getting mail, considering she died in January of 2000. Really? It's been more than a decade, people. And as Marilyn pointed out, Mom never lived at this address. We did have her mail forwarded here for a short time after her death, but still...

Yes, this was a charity that Mom helped out at one point. Of course, at the end of her life we had to cut out her charity giving, because she simply couldn't afford it on her very fixed income. (We weren't sure we'd have enough money to keep her going, frankly. It hurt her not to give to others, because she really believed in it.)

I wonder how many years it's been since she actually gave them a donation... ??? And do they ever purge their database? It's probably a good practice, considering how unsettling it is for family members to get mail sent to a deceased loved one. I know it bothered me even more the first few years after her death, but it's still not a comfortable thing, even all these years later...

I actually wrote to a number of these places in the first couple of years to explain Mom was dead and ask that she be removed from their mailing lists. In fact, I did quite a bit of that, truth be told. I wonder if they paid attention to those letters I sent, or not? I recall writing to some places more than once...

I suppose I should do that now, as well. I used to have a sort of 'template' (form letter) I used, that I would customize per recipient. I doubt I still have that, but you never know!

Mail to a deceased loved one sort of falls in the category of those holidays that aren't the same anymore -- in our case like Mother's Day and Father's Day. It's not like we need reminders that these people are gone forever. (smile)

I'm not grieving over my loss all this time later, mind you. It was Mom's time to go and I let go easily, knowing she was in a better place. But I'd be lying if I said this doesn't bother me, because clearly it does...

Happily, I have wonderful memories of my parents, my Aunt Dorothy, my Aunt Mabel and Uncle Al and all those others who have moved on from this world. I know I'll see them all again someday -- but hopefully not too soon!

Meanwhile, it would be nice not to get any mail for them. I just don't know how I'm going to be able to get it delivered, after all! (grin)