January 12th, 2012


Feeling Lousy (Damn Vertigo)

Before I run on all about me, I need to mention that sister Sue is dealing with FLOODING at her house! All good thoughts (and prayers) are very welcome. (I've spent some serious time praying for hfr today, personally...)

I did speak to friend Shari today. Someone stole (!!!) her iPod and her ring at the rehab facility. She's understandably upset... (She, too, is in my prayers.)

And poor Henry. I tried so many foods before I could get him to eat -- and he was hungry and begging me for food. Prayer seems to have helped me (nothing else did) and he finally did eat something... (sigh)

Vertigo is making me feel lousy, but I've still had several moments of concern for work. Things were seriously messed up this morning, again, I'm afraid. It made me wish I was there, and not home...

Even so, I'm feeling bad I've been so self-centered. Sue told me about her flooding and said I never gave her a chance (!!!) to tell me yesterday. How awful is that? It was all about me and my issues...

And it's been days since I phoned Shari -- things have been so crazy and busy (and I've been under the weather). Yeah, I can always offer reasons, but I don't want my life to be about EXCUSES. I'd like to believe I'm a better person than that...

And poor Marilyn! She has enough to deal with (too much, really), without all my stuff, too. I need to try now and then to leave her OUT of my issues. That's hard, as I count on her input more than I could ever express -- she has such amazing insight about everything. I am BLESSED to have her in my life -- truly blessed.

But I'm surrounded by BLESSINGS -- and by GOOD FRIENDS (including my friends HERE, by the way). And I never forget that!

Hopefully the vertigo will abate (if not disappear) shortly. I do need to get on with life -- and it's BUSY right now!!! But I suppose I need to be patient...

My screaming cat doesn't help matters. He was driving me up the wall today. Not his fault, but still... (sigh)

I did work on the new page I needed to do for the website -- and got a good start. At one point I had the code so terribly messed up! But I reasoned it out (as I almost always do), so it's all good. I made a dumb (my bad) error I need to fix (several times over, mind you), but that's okay. We'll see how long I actually lie down before I can't stand it and have to jump up and go work on it again!

Oh, and it's garbage day, so... I'll go work on that soon, too, I guess.

WHY am I trying to lie down??? Am I nuts?

brr, cold

Happy, Happy -- If Not Better...

So, I got a lot done today, unexpectedly.

Many (many) calls about IT, but we made some headway, anyway. Still no Remote Desktop access, but hopefully we'll get there soon (!!!). I talked to both Donn and Kris more than once, and it seems as if the anti-virus situation may be resolved, anyway. (sigh)

I was near tears when I posted here earlier -- feeling like a really bad person. I wish I felt healthier, as it's hard when I'm feeling so crappy...

Well, I got our garbage, recycling and (ugh) composting done -- and though I'd been afraid I wouldn't get all the garbage in the can (!!!), it did fit! (woo hoo) And I did it before dark, happily, as it's VERY COLD today (!!!).

I finally had a nap at around 4:30, which I really needed. Normally I take my vertigo medicine and stay IN BED all day long, but that just didn't work today.

I was supposed to work tomorrow, but I don't think that's happening. I guess we'll see...

Marilyn didn't get home until 7:00 (surprise). She did take a ten minute break today, though (!!!), which is big for her -- and got both coffee and food.

We had yummy leftovers for dinner -- so no cooking, just heating up (woo hoo)! It works for me today, as lousy as I've felt...

Now I'm ready to sleep again. I hope I feel better tomorrow.