January 6th, 2012

Mom and Dad

Epiphany (Little Christmas) -- Mom's 'Death Day'

Mom died 12 years ago today. It doesn't seem that long ago. I was surprised when I thought about it...

Happily, I feel close to both Mom and Dad (he preceded her in death in 1998), so I'm not feeling a 'loss' in any normal sense of that word. I still 'talk' to them often (especially Mom, interestingly enough -- considering I was closer to Dad until after he died). My parents still feel like a part of daily life, even if I can't physically interact with them.

But a dozen years is a long time! Wow. And I guess no matter how old you get, it never feels 'right' to be an orphan.

Dad would have a good chuckle that I just burned the crap out of one of my coffee mugs (!!!). He used to do the same thing: Put a cold cup of coffee in the microwave, then walk off and forget it!

My issue is that our microwave doesn't work properly (and hasn't for ages), so it goes for AGES before it finally turns off. When I heard the familiar ding, I knew it was bad! These days we never hear it, as we generally stand over something so we can manually turn it off... (grin)

The poor mug is in the sink soaking. I was careful to remove it with a hot pad and then rinse it and fill it with warm water. Hopefully it won't crack! And the smell is less than lovely, too... (sigh)

Well, Dad and I would often talk of 'losing' our mugs in the microwave. I suppose it's silly how often we re-heated old coffee, rather than making a fresh pot. I mean, come on! But I suppose I'll carry on that tradition, even so.

I love you, Mom and Dad.