January 3rd, 2012

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Manicures and Pedicures...

Marilyn and I got our all-important pedicures and manicures today (finally). We really (really, really) needed them, as it had been SEVEN WEEKS (!!!) since we'd last had it done. Seven (yikes) weeks. No wonder they were so grown out!

I did another 'glittery' design, much like the glittery green I did for Thanksgiving (that also ended up being my Christmas color). This time it's a purple shade, and gorgeous! I love it. I need to take photos so I can share...

Back to work tomorrow -- and with TONS to do. Website and IT and lots of both! Which is nothing to all Marilyn has to do.

So we're off to bed very soon...

I'm still reading the book "Zombiestan," which is okay, if not that well written. The author can tell a good story, though!

This week I need to get Christmas taken down and packed away (minus the stolen outdoor tree, that is). My next dentist visit is next week. I need to start setting up some regular visits so I can get all this work done before things get crazy at work.

We watching "Mission: Impossible" (the original movie that we recently ordered) and thinking it would be fun to go see "M:I 4" again soon. Great movie, I kid you not!

My, it's easier to type when your nails aren't far too long! We discussed trying to be 'better' about the whole manicure/pedicure thing in 2012 -- a good goal. We always put it off and put it off. It wasn't even that painful today, happily.

Henry (our cat) seems slightly under the weather, though far healthier than he was last year at this time! So it's nice to see him hang in. I think the winter months are just hard on him...

My manicurist today had the flu over Christmas, too! And she said most of her family was sick, as well. I guess it's really going around.

It's great to be well, again, I have to say!

Well, that's it for today. I am going to start blogging better in 2012 (the way I used to). It's certainly helpful when I want to look something up that happened if I've blogged daily. I might miss things here and there, but it's still wonderful to have a lot of it recorded where I can find it...

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Busy Day -- Cleaning/Organizing and Festival Website Work!

First, I didn't sleep that well last night, I'm afraid. I had a nightmare and then couldn't get back to sleep -- I was worried about friend Shari and the IT issues we're dealing with at the office...

Instead of just lying there, I got out my Kindle and almost finished reading the book "Zombiestan" (which I did finish today).

Today I spent ages working in our home office -- and it was well worth the effort!!! I'll have to take photos and share. Of course, I don't think I have 'Before' photos that will show off what I did, which is a bummer...

I did talk for ages to Shari and she was doing well, so that was a good thing. I also talked to Ashley and Christine at the office (and Marilyn several times, of course). And went to coffee at one point with sister Sue.

I also talked to Jason for some time -- interestingly Marilyn and I had just been talking about him recently!

Marilyn came home early so we could tackle a number of festival website changes that really needed making. And this evening I started cleaning up the mess that ended up in my bedroom from working in the office. It's almost impossible not to impact some other room during cleaning, I find.

Marilyn and I got good news today -- but I'll probably post a 'Friends' entry to discuss it at this point. Eventually I'll go public about it, though. I rarely ever lock my entries, as you all know!

I just finally got around to putting up some challenges at Hubbub again (about time). Since being so sick, I just haven't gotten around to being active there again. But I'm ready now to turn that around! I joined and did a little bit of the Beginners Stair Climb and got immediately winded, but I'll get back to it. That's a promise!

I love Sandra Rinomato on "Property Virgins" (on HGTV) -- but I swear I saw a commercial with a new woman doing the series (!!!). I hope they haven't dropped Sandra, because I think she's AWESOME -- by far my favorite of all the people hosting shows on HGTV!

"Revenge" is on tomorrow night!!! (woo hoo) Marilyn and I love that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We Got News Today -- We Got the Beach House!!!

This used to be a 'Friends Only' entry.

Just a quick entry to mention our really GOOD and EXCITING news: Marilyn got word today that we got the beach house!

I told all about it originally HERE (and more about it HERE). The first entry included a few photos...

We have 30 days to close, so we're anxious to get the inspection done and the financing finished. Hopefully all will go well with both...

This is certainly a RED LETTER day for us!

Sister Sue and I went for Starbucks today to 'celebrate' a little. It's really a dream-come-true for all three of us...