October 30th, 2011


Thoughts on "The Walking Dead"

Well, there aren't even words for how appalled and disgusted I was by tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead."

S P O I L E R     A L E R T ! ! !

Don't continue to read if you haven't seen this episode, because I'm going to discuss details. Consider yourself warned!

Tonight Shane Walsh shot the character Otis in order to escape a group of zombies. He didn't shoot him and kill him (which would have shown some mercy), but shot and wounded him, so the man was ALIVE when the zombies got to him!

No, I don't see any excuse for this evil behavior. I don't care that Otis shot Carl -- that was an accident. And he made up for it by going with Shane to try and help SAVE Carl's life.

If this show is only going to be about doing what's in the best interest of saving a person's own life, then it's hardly worth watching. In that case, split them all up and just follow each one from time to time. If you're a group, you'd damn well better care about others. And no, it's not okay to not care because a character is fat and/or unattractive.

For the record, my favorite character is Daryl Dixon. I'm interested by the fact that he started out as a negative character and has totally turned around. Put me with this group and I'm sticking to him like glue, and doing whatever he says, because he's a survivor. And a positive person, as well -- I think that's a big plus.

The women on "The Walking Dead"??? I think they're pretty sorry. It's a shame this series can't have a decent female character as a regular.

So I won't link "Talking Dead," because what little I saw offended me so much. By the way, as I said at Facebook, actor Jon Heder may think he's funny making fun of Otis for 'being fat,' but I think Heder is disgusting. (I'll never forget his flip comment -- he's official on my sh*t list FOREVER. Not kidding, folks. I have a very long memory. Let's hope I never meet this guy. Well, he'd probably make a remark about me being fat, anyway, so whatever...)

For the record, the Odelia Grey mystery books feature a fat heroine -- and they discuss how it's seemingly okay for people to treat overweight people with disrespect and unkindness. The last acceptable bigotry?

I'm fat. Many really wonderful people I know are also fat. We aren't lazy. We aren't disgusting. We aren't 'bad' people. Basing your determinations about people on whether or not they're fat is WRONG, period.

I'm surprised by how much this episode bothered me. Some will say that's good writing, but I disagree. The show was mostly BORING, for the record -- and ridiculously slow-moving. I found the same true for the last two episodes (all three of this season, in other words). I'm sorry that the characters aren't more likable this season, though I've never been a fan of the women (as I already mentioned). I like Daryl and Glenn. I also like T-Dog, but didn't care for his behavior tonight, either. Dale is okay. That's about it, I guess.

Don't get me wrong, I did think Shane's body is amazing (the actor is very attractive and soooo buff). But good looks isn't everything. By the way, speaking of fat -- and too damn skinny -- can someone please give Rick and his wife Lori a sandwich or two? Super-skinny isn't pretty either, folks. (ugh)

I guess that's the end of my "The Walking Dead" rant for now. It's funny that it got me worked up enough to Facebook, Tweet and blog about it! Knowing how TV series work, that's all they care about anyway. They don't care what we think -- they only want us to talk about them, one way or the other...