October 29th, 2011

halloween animation

Lazy Saturday! Halloween Weekend

Marilyn and I finally went shopping (we've been planning to for days, but never found the free time). We got food and some other essentials, including Halloween candy (!!!) and goodies! (woo hoo)

We both been playing with the "My Horse" App for iPad (happily FREE) -- we love it! Fun, fun.

I finished reading "Too Big Too Miss" on my Kindle -- an Odelia Grey mystery book. I think Sue Ann Jaffarian is an amazing writer, by the way...

Right now we're watching SyFy's "Zombie Apocalypse" -- I haven't really decided what I think of it at this point. Actually, the effects are pretty bad and it seems pretty damn stupid to me. They just walked stupidly (and I do mean stupidly) into an 'ambush' (really???), and lost Billy (one of their members).

We had chili and donuts for dinner -- yummy! We really love a big pot of chili this time of year. And it's always a Halloween food for us.

Marilyn has dozed off on the sofa. She's worn out from a brutal, l-o-n-g week (and maybe fighting a bug, understandably). Henry is sleeping across the room (good cat) and Colin is sleeping in a clothes basket in the laundry room (good cat). I guess that means I'm the only one awake right now! (smile)

I had a nice, long sleep earlier today -- which was perfect. It feels so good to be just lazing around, eating, watching TV, reading, playing games and sleeping. No real work to do for a (very rare) change. (woo hoo) It almost feels decadent somehow...

We are not going to the office on Monday for the Staff Halloween party. It's our day off and we're doing our own things. (It wasn't popular when people found out we wouldn't be there, but whatever...)

We do a few errands to take care of this weekend, but otherwise we're going to try and relax! Sounds like a plan. (grin)

Sister Sue is at a cribbage tournament this weekend. But she'll be back in time for Halloween night.