October 28th, 2011

charlie sick, sick in bed

Busy Thursday -- Sick Friday

Well, sick or no, I was able to do what needed to be done yesterday. I stayed home in the morning and washed my clothes and hair -- allowing me to hook up with sister Sue to give her the food (and vodka gift) for Candy. (Sue kindly drove me in to the office.)

Once at the office I managed to stay busy. Donn and Denise were there for IT stuff and we had the Fall Board Meeting last night (as I mentioned before).

The Board Meeting went really (really, really) well -- for which I mostly congratulate Marilyn, who prepared and ran the event. Both Sue B. and Jeff did really good with their speaking roles.

The Auction PowerPoint was a hit -- and the PowerPoint for the Board Meeting turned out really good! (Again, nice job, Marilyn! I was proud to do the background slide, which if I do say so myself turned out very artistic...)

Directly after the Board Meeting, Marilyn, Sue and I had to DASH to the next event (Sue drove). We were attending the 2011 Spirit of Portland Awards, to see Gil Frey receive the Commissioner Fritz Award for his efforts on behalf of preserving the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, bless him!

Marilyn was recognized more than once at the Board Meeting (which always makes me very happy!!!) -- and Gil had her stand and be recognized, as well.

Considering she worked late yet again tonight (!!!), I can only say it's well deserved!

My day today? I did do some website stuff for the festival -- and Facebooked for the festival, too. I took photos at both events last night, so I had to prepare these for use at FB. They turned out really good, I have to say!

Mostly I took it easy and slept, as I'm still not feeling all that hot. It seems like bad allergies -- and not a cold (and certainly not the flu) -- so I guess I can be thankful it's no worse. We're hoping to take full advantage of our three-day weekend, which includes Halloween!

I'm reading one of the Odelia Grey mystery books on my Kindle right now -- and loving every minute of it!

Marilyn and I did turn in to see "Grimm," the TV show set in Portland (where they've done some of the filming, apparently -- we hear about it constantly, even on the news!). We're kind of on the fence about it, to tell the truth. The show really didn't knock our socks off, and the lead guy is sort of bland to us...

Well, headed to bed, at least for a nap. I do hope I do a better job of blogging in November. (sigh)