October 26th, 2011

under the weather


I was really sick today (especially this morning). What a pain. (sigh)

Happily I was some better in the afternoon, so I managed to decorate the house for Halloween, do a load of dishes and get the garbage and recycling done. So the day wasn't a total waste.

I also fixed a noodle 'casserole' for my niece Candy in the evening for her birthday (which is today). But I didn't get it done in time to get it to her, I'm afraid. Is it really the thought that counts? (sigh)

Marilyn didn't get home until really late (again). It would be nice if she had some help from time to time. (grr) It really burns my ass, frankly. I can't even really go into it.

Tomorrow is a huge, l-o-n-g day. We have our Fall Board Meeting tomorrow night, plus another event to attend after it. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I feel a lot better, will you? I need to be there...

I guess I'll head to bed now. We were supposed to go to WalMart (we really, really, really need to go), but I doubt that's happening now. I should be washing my hair -- hopefully first thing tomorrow!