October 24th, 2011

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Exciting House-Related Things Are Happening...

This used to be a Friends-Only entry. (Just sayin'...)

Marilyn's getting emails and phone calls directly related to our purchase of the beach house (that I mentioned HERE yesterday) -- and she's busy crunching numbers. And we're discussing our budget, because this will mean we'll have around 20% less money every month than we currently have -- and as everyone knows, that's a lot. So we have a lot to think about.

It is going to mean we'll need to change our ways somewhat, but it's a very positive form of change. Again, if in a few years we decided this wasn't working out for us, we could just sell the beach house and undoubtedly make a tidy profit.

But we're thinking about so many other wonderful ways this can change our lives! We've never been all that great about taking vacations, because being away from home is outside our comfort zone. But imagine taking vacations in your own house -- where you have your own rooms, beds, bathrooms, clothes and things all around you! How perfect that would be for us!

We can probably eliminate some of our clutter here, by moving some of our things to the beach house -- and certainly by moving TONS of our books there! (How wonderful that would be.) There's probably more storage in many ways at this second house than here in our Portland home.

This will soon be in the hands of the realtor and the current house owner and the bank. But we both believe it's truly in Higher Hands than that -- and we're praying that God will give us the best decision for us. Even if we don't get the house, we know our lives will be happier in the future, based on the decisions we're making now (about refinancing our Portland home and so on).

So I won't ask you to hope and/or pray that we get the house -- because we'll get it if it's meant to be. And if we don't then it's not for us. Years back we lost a house we really loved and were terribly upset about it -- but that's not going to happen now at all, believe me.

Ultimately, we love our current home -- and always have. It's far from perfect, but we both love it even so.

On that note, we have errands to run, so I'm off!