October 10th, 2011


Lemons? Make Lemonade.

Unfortunately, our house didn't appraise out as high as we'd hoped... More on all of that soon. Interestingly, a lot of it is based on what similar homes in a given neighborhood have been selling for. So no matter how nice your home is, if other houses that are like it aren't selling high enough, you're screwed.

That was actually what happened to us when we were originally buying this house. It's classified as a ranch -- and standard ranch homes are one story houses with a certain layout. Our 'ranch' is FAR from standard, by the way. The living room is at the back of the house, not the front. The windows in the living room go from ceiling to floor -- we've almost got an entire wall of windows that look out on our back yard. We have two stories, and the basement does NOT have a typical basement feeling.

When Mark came by recently, he was remarking on how not-basement-like our family room was. He's a tall guy, and was noting that the ceilings were very high for a basement -- pleasantly so. They won't call Marilyn's bedroom a 'bedroom' because of the size of the windows, which is stupid as hell. She most CERTAINLY has the required closet -- and then some! She has a large, walk-in dressing room/closet, which holds three dressers, a free standing closet (piece of furniture), plus a built-in closet unit and an additional clothing rack. We ALL wish we had a 'closet' like that, believe me!

For us, we didn't mind losing a dining room (which we never used in our last house), by the way. We've got the big living room and big family room -- both of which have working fireplaces. Our laundry room is large, too, by the way (even if it is unfinished) -- and has loads of storage (not to mention our second fridge).

My bedroom -- which is smaller than Marilyn's -- isn't at all small, as it was the original master bedroom (with two closets, by the way). And I'm sitting typing this in our office, which is a decent-sized room, too, for the record. It's not glamorous, but it certainly serves the purpose...

So, our kitchen might not be perfect and the upstairs bathroom may need work, but these things have never stopped us from LOVING our home. And we'll continue to love it, no matter what.

Anyway, we did get some work done today and some errands done. We had a busy weekend.

Saturday we went to the office for several hours. And we took a basket that Marilyn made to the two runners here from Sapporo who were in the Portland Marathon (she drove around while I dashed it in to the downtown Hilton to drop it off). Marilyn went to the Rosarian Ball (with our President, Sue) on Saturday -- while sister Sue and I went to Mexican food dinner.

Sunday we attended the Rose Planting and Statue Unveiling at Washington Park (and were in the group photo) -- it was very exciting! And happily the rain wasn't bad and we didn't get too wet (no downpour). On the DISAPPOINTING side, almost NONE of our Staff turned out for this event (!!!) -- and that made me angry. Only Jeff, Marilyn, Rich, Chris, Ashley and I were there (meaning the following people did not attend: Rosanna, Pattye, Carol, Laura, Christie, Alex and Greg). The Royal Rosarians always come out for us -- and this was super-important to them! It's the start of their Centennial year. They were certainly supportive of us in our Centennial year.

Our Auction is on Friday, so the total focus now is on getting ready for that. Marilyn has to write the script (which is under-appreciated by our Staff, in my opinion) and prepare the Auction cards -- and she and I need to do the Appeal PowerPoint (as we've done in previous years). (Last year we did a video, so we didn't do the usual PowerPoint.)

We did get clothes to wear for Friday (the Auction), so at least we don't have to worry about that. Well, I do need to find the pants I'm wearing and be sure they're good to go. (grin) I got a new top to wear. Actually, I got two -- and both were on sale for 50% off (!!!). I can wear the second one to work, so it's all good. (smile)

As it turns out, both Marilyn and I will be wearing black and gold. We have a Broadway theme this year, by the way.

Hopefully Kris was able to resolve the QuickBooks issue for me (via Remote) tonight. We were texting for ages today and then talked, as well. And I spoke to Rosanna about it, as well...

Donn really (really, really) wanted to try and resolve it, but both Marilyn and I were done -- and wanted Kris to get it up and running.

Well, I think that does it for now! I need to get better about blogging again. This is so strange for me! I've only blogged two other times this month so far -- and it's the 10th! What gives with that, Charlie???