September 13th, 2011

it management gotta

Busy IT Day at the Office...

Let's see... I have a list of things I actually accomplished today, and it's not bad...

I got the auction software installed on Ashley's computer. I'd been nervous about it (we had issues with it when we upgraded, and I'd had to have Kris do the previous installs), but it went really well. I also set up Carol's and Laura's auction software to default open to the 2011 data, as it should.

I got Pattye set up in her new cube and out of sharing Rosanna's office -- a big plus! Pattye is now at 'L' (which is just outside the finance office), and happy as a clam in her new space. And Rosanna is pleased to have her office to herself -- and considering it's a fairly small space, I certainly don't blame her!

I started out the day at the office trying to find the 'missing' software I hunted for here at home yesterday (for two hours), but no luck (!!!). I have no clue where that CD has gone to, but after talking it over with Laura, we decided she could use a different software to do the auction catalog. Considering she's more comfortable with the software we decided to switch to, it makes a lot of sense.

So that meant I needed to install said software on the 'Receptionist' computer that's in the lobby of our building, as she didn't have it there (but does on the computer at her other space). This should have been an easy thing, but one of the CDs (there are six altogether) wouldn't read on her computer, no matter how hard I tried to work with it (!!!). I spoke to Kris and he suggested I put it on the Server and try the install from there -- but that just wouldn't work (and it's too complicated to explain why, so I'll just let that go). I wasted at least an hour just copying the files from CD to Server -- and more time trying to figure a workaround. (sigh)

Anyway, I finally decided to make a copy of the 'bad' CD and try using it. That meant I needed to find a software application for making copies, download and install it, then burn a copy. This done, I got the install done, finally. (woo hoo)

Then I removed unnecessary profiles from the Receptionist computer, the 'Front Desk' computer and Rosanna's computer. Rosanna has been complaining about slow boot times -- but after this maintenance I had Marilyn come and time the reboot, from Shut Down > Restart until it was back up again. It took UNDER three minutes, which I happen to consider AMAZING.

Kris and I talked at length about IT tasks -- he's supposed to bring me Rosanna's new computer on Friday and do the set up for me. Rosanna's been pushing to upgrade our finance software, so I think we'll be trying to do that on Friday, too, while Kris is in...

First thing this morning I got birthday stuff ready belatedly for Jeff, Laura and Angel who all had bdays this summer. I haven't spent much time in the office recently, so I wanted to take care of that. I also did a load of dishes and tidied up the kitchen before heading to work.

Sister Sue was kind enough to take me in -- and it unfortunately made her so late for her doctor's appointment that it had to be rescheduled (!!!). I feel bad about that! I should have just let her go to the doctor on time and skip giving me a ride. But I am glad I went in, because I got a lot of things done today, thanks to her!

Staff meeting was interesting, so I was glad to be there. I guess we didn't have one the entire time Marilyn and I were on vacation...

We got home around 7:00-ish tonight, and I made spaghetti and garlic toast for dinner. Marilyn planned to have some of the sauce, as she's avoiding pasta and didn't want to have garlic prior to her half-day meeting tomorrow. (I can't blame her.)

We're going to have ice cream for dessert. Marilyn actually ran on the treadmill for half an hour, so she's certainly earned it! I'm less sure about me, though I did do quite a bit of heavy lifting of equipment today (and running up and downstairs, too). So maybe that counts. (smile)