September 12th, 2011


Back to Work - Summer Vacation is Over

Back to work tomorrow. About time, really. I've got a TON to tackle -- and I did almost nothing during the past two weeks...

Summer vacation is at an end. The U.S. Open is over for another year. Rafa lost. (sigh)

Normally the weather wouldn't be quite this nice, though, so summer seems to be hanging on a bit around Portland, Oregon. (grin)

Marilyn has her early meeting tomorrow and another after it, so getting to work is going to be a problem for me. (I should have asked sister Sue if she could take me when she takes Nicole to school...) I guess we'll figure it out somehow.

Today was lazy with some work moments mixed in -- and watching tennis, of course. (The Men's Finals played today, for those who don't know...) Rich and I were texting back and forth on our phones much of the time -- really fun!

I spent well over an hour hunting for a software CD today. Twice! And I found the case, but no CD inside (!!!). What a pain! I really need this for work. I'm hoping I'll find the CD there tomorrow (fingers crossed). I wonder WHY the case and CD aren't together?

Well, I'm starving (yes, I know it's late), so I'm going to fix something to eat. Then we're off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a busy, busy day!