August 22nd, 2011


Blessings Versus Frustrations...

I just awoke from a 'nap' -- to discover the DVR (yes, our brand NEW DVR, to be specific!!!) was frozen. And that it had been frozen for an hour or more. Really?

Plus, the WiFi wasn't working downstairs for Marilyn (a common enough complaint for me, by the way).

So I had to come upstairs and move my desk -- NOT an easy thing to do at any time, to be honest. Then crawl carefully behind it and mess with the now-very-tangled cables. Donn may not (clearly) care about that, but I'm very picky about cables. I want to be able to easily back-track them to the source -- and I never ever want a mouse cable under others, so that it might not freely move as needed.

While I had the table out, I also decided to hook up my new keyboard -- something I'd asked Donn to do that he didn't get done (!!!) for me. Again, the mess of cables was no help...

Once I got that all done, I needed to be downstairs to help Marilyn while she phoned Comcast. To find the numbers for the DVR (one on the back and one on the front), to recycle the power (pull the power plug and put it back in again) and so on. The woman with a heavy accent Marilyn could barely understand finally walked her through it and got things running again.

Then I was complaining that Donn had networked us and mapped her networks, but NOT mine. Today I needed something from my old computer, but couldn't 'see' it to get to it (!!!). Now that I have dual monitors, I can't 'look' directly at the old computer, so there's no way I know of that I CAN map it. Donn, can you please get your butt back here and FINISH this damn job???

(By the way, right now I'm trying to get used to the touch on the new fancy-assed keyboard, which is quite different than the old. Not that I'm picky or anything -- but even Donn knows how I've always wanted exactly the right one to suit me...)

So tomorrow I'll need to phone him. Yes. Again!

Meanwhile, we see part of a TV show talking about a man losing his home and still helping a family make their home work for disabled children. Thank you, God, I clearly needed the reminder of how BLESSED I am, because I was being a bit pissy about it all... (sigh)

We are so very blessed -- and normally not a day passes that I don't think about that. Even in the middle of the ant battle last night (when I was so tired), I didn't forget that I'm blessed with a home where I can fight ants.

After all, frustrations are a part of life. We're supposed to have them and deal with them, hopefully with grace. (Give these small sacrifices up to Christ...)

Yes, I'm only human -- and I, too, forget to be thankful from time to time. I'm glad I got that (emotional) 'heads up' (I was crying as I watched).

Well, it's late, so I'm going to take my medications (which I'm overdue for) and head to bed.

I spent hours and hours working in my bedroom today. I have two boxes and three huge garbage bags full of clothes to take to the Goodwill (plus a piece of furniture). Hopefully tomorrow! And three bags of clothes for sister Sue to check over and see if she can use (including a pair of jeans that still has tags on it). I made some headway, but need to make so much more!

I'm going to work on Tuesday and have the power-vac guy coming out early Wednesday morning, so I need to try and finish up my bedroom tomorrow enough for him to get in there. Or maybe not. He said he could possibly do the vent for one room from downstairs if he really had to, and so far I'm still not to the point where he can easily access the bedroom vent...

I'll try, but if I don't get there I'm not going to beat myself up about it!

rosie robot, cleaning

Housecleaning -- Not Going to Get Discouraged!

I'm continuing to clean on an almost daily basis, even if it's only small amounts some days. Today I decided to tackle my bathroom, where I have a very long counter that runs the full length of the room. Due to lack of storage, it ends up cluttered unless I'm really on top of it...

And I did a bit more in my bedroom, too. Again, with Curt (the power-vac) guy coming on Wednesday, he needs access to every vent in the house. The one in my bedroom is behind my vanity table, so...

I suppose it sounds like I'm out of control and a total slob that I need to clean this much before he comes, but seriously, my bedroom really took the brunt of the recent flooding and so on. Often there was no place else to put things, so that's where they ended up. It's getting under control now, happily, but there is still more to do.

And I really need to get rid of clothes, too! That's obviously NOT related to the recent stuff, but an on-going issue, instead. Like a lot of women, I keep clothes in more than one size. Why? I've decided to ditch the smaller clothes. After all, if I get down to a smaller size, I'll want to get NEW things to wear -- and not wear the old fashions.

Plus I keep 'sentimental' clothes. Really??? I don't need to keep clothes I don't wear and don't plan to wear, just because they're sentimental in some way. My collection of festival tees is now GONE. I kept a very few and dumped all the rest. And you know what? It felt like a weight being lifted from my shoulders! So it was clearly time...

We watched a little bit of the show "Hoarders" again today -- and it creeps me out so bad that I always want to clean SOMETHING after I've seen it! Marilyn was telling me today that I'm not really like these people, but I'm constantly aware that hoarding is a matter of degrees -- and I tend toward it more than I personally like!

The bathroom went well, by the way. My goal (which I've probably mentioned before) is to try and get rid of 1/3 of each thing I'm cleaning out. So if it's a drawer, it would be a third of the contents of a drawer, if it's some basket or other container, then the same. In many cases today I'd only keep a couple of items, period, so that's far beyond the goal. Go, ME!

Marilyn and I are also doing well with the 'buy something new -- get rid of something old' goal. There's only so much room in any home, so...

Plus we really have a lack of storage here and are always trying to figure out new ways to PUT THINGS AWAY. It so much easier to keep the house picked up and clean when things are put away -- but if there's no 'away' to put them, it makes it far more difficult.

Well, Marilyn and I are actually going to have a small drink before bed, which we've both earned today! She went to play tennis with friend Mitch (while I dozed from the effects of my anti-nausea pill), and then also did the treadmill -- go her! I'm trying to exercise more, too, but cleaning sometimes seems like exercise, I have to say.

Oh! I ate a new high fiber cereal today and had a rather strong reaction. I want to keep up the 'more fiber' plan, but will have to go a bit more slowly, I guess.

A lot going on tomorrow, so I'll close for now...

(And, YEAH, I'm mad for the dual monitors! The more I use them, the more I wonder how I managed without them!)

Oh! I almost forgot! Marilyn and I went to pick green tomatoes (and get other fresh produce) at Kruger's Farm today! (woo hoo)