August 21st, 2011


DAMN Ants!!!

On the downside...

...Marilyn and I came home from the beach to TONS of ants in the kitchen. (And leaking over into the stairwell, heading downstairs -- and the entryway and heading into the hall and living room.)

And I do mean TONS. I've been fighting them every way I could think of for more than an hour now. (big sigh)

I'm giving up for tonight, anyway. I'm tired and Marilyn's tired and we want to go to bed.

But first I have to shower off the bug spray I was forced to wear, as they were climbing all over my body and biting the crap out of me. (sigh)

Look, I'm not into killing any living creature. But they force my hand when they come inside the house. They were crawling all over the cats' food!!! We took Colin and Henry downstairs to feed them and they just ate like they were starving, poor things. (They have an eating area down in the family room, but they were out of food down there. And they weren't fighting the ants for food upstairs, clearly! As it was, Henry had ants crawling on his fur!)

I tried several non-poisonous methods, including the old tape method (using strips of packing tape to 'trap' them), stepping on them (really doesn't work) and finally sweeping them into a dustpan and then into a sink of water -- which worked quite well.

No, I haven't taken full charge of the house again, yet -- but it's much better now! Hopefully I'll get more of them tomorrow morning.

Off to bed!