August 17th, 2011

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Dual Monitor Utility: UltraMon

If you use multiple monitors for your computer, you NEED this software! I've got a trial version on Marilyn's computer right now, but I think it's TOTALLY worth the $40 price tag.

It's called UltraMon and it's offered by RealTime Soft. I'm so impressed by how it works. I can't WAIT to have Marilyn try it out!

It solves the issues of primary monitor and being able to resize. It also makes it SIMPLE to put any window on any given monitor with one click (no dragging necessary!!!).

You know I'm not easy to impress (duh, Charlie), so take this recommendation and run! (smile)

don't forget (tooth)

Scheduled for Wednesday, August 24 (a week away) -- Furnace and Vent Stuff!

I finally got around to setting up a visit from our furnace people. They're sending someone out to (bring and) change our filter (it's special and costs $40), which has needed doing for ages. They'll also see if we need our vents vacuumed, but from what the woman on the phone told me, it's likely, considering the work we've had done.

Since both Marilyn and I sneeze and get miserable every time we run the air conditioning, I'm sure it's related to crap in the vents from the recent work. WE (mostly sister Sue and I) want the insurance company to pay for this -- but they don't want to (surprise!). Marilyn has even been having asthma attacks, which is NOT a good thing.

Anyway, I also talked with the power vacuum people and set an appointment (same day at 1:00) to have it done. Even if insurance won't pay it, we clearly need it done...

The 'Catch 22' is that the furnace guy is coming at 11:00 a.m. -- but he won't do maintenance if it needs to be vacuumed (which it probably does). But he can change the filter and recommend what needs to be done, so he needs to be here first.

Anyway, I guess he'll have to come back again...

Yeah, there's always something! And we've got other stuff coming, too. Patience, Charlie. It's all good.