July 17th, 2011


Worked Hard. Tired...

Marilyn and I worked hard today -- emptying boxes in her bedroom and dressing room. We spent hours on it...

We got rid of a lot of stuff -- either giving things to Nicole, Madyson, Candy and Sue, or to the Goodwill. (We'll haul it all tomorrow -- as of today it's boxed up and ready to go.)

And we recycled a bunch of stuff and threw other stuff out.

Anyway, that's our goal -- to have less stuff to put away and to keep it organized. That should make it easier to keep things clean and nice in the future.

We already sore from bending, lifting and carrying -- I can only imagine how bad we'll feel tomorrow! And I, for one, am dead tired and cranky as hell. But Marilyn was impressive (as always). She just hung in there like mad until we got every box done.

Now we have a couple of boxes in the family room, plus all those boxes out in the garage to do!