July 14th, 2011


Dead Tired.

What a relief to actually sleep in until almost 9:00 a.m. this morning -- especially after so many days without decent sleep. Sleep is clearly an underrated joy. No doubt about it!

Interestingly enough, I got almost NOTHING done today. Yeah, I'm worn out, but considering we've got every reason in the world to want to get things nice around here, you'd think I would have tried to unpack at least ONE box. Sorry to say that didn't happen.

But I did help the delivery moving guys (Hector and Khemerong) bring in our lovely new sofa this afternoon! And that was no small feat, I have to tell you. It just barely fit through the doors and down the stairs.

The two guys were wonderful and funny and fun! Khemerong has also Friended me over at Facebook (I'm always trying to get various people to do this, so this please me) -- and I've got photos of him and Hector to share at some point (when I get them downloaded, that is).

Marilyn came home from work in the afternoon and ended up staying home. She, too, is worn out. It's been hard for her, continuing to work away with no day off after the festival, in order to get the Grand Pinnacle award submission ready on time.

Speaking of which, the book comes back from the printer tomorrow!!! (woo hoo) We're both very excited! I can't wait to see how it turned out.

Anyway, yeah, she has other submissions to prepare. I have covers to get ready, too. And you know what? If she doesn't get her stuff ready, that's okay. Same for me. Because we're doing the best we can -- and that's going to have to be good enough. Period.

We blew off the Clown Dinner tonight. And we blew off going to see the midnight movie of Harry Potter. We'd planned to do both, but we just couldn't do it. It's hard to explain exactly how tired we are. And considering we're usually full speed ahead no matter what, I'm sure people are surprised. But we're both running on empty and need some time to fuel up again...

I had to text and make phone calls to change plans with family and friends. But I think everybody did understand. They seemed kind and sympathetic.

I just woke from a lovely long nap with Henry. Hopefully this does NOT mean he'll be prowling the house all night long! Of course, Henry's not the one who did that last night -- it was Colin who just couldn't seem to sleep, poor guy. He needed to explore everything, with all the stuff back in the family room, Marilyn's bedroom and dressing room -- and so much of it in boxes that needed to be climbed and sniffed. (grin) I'm hoping he'll settle down after a few days. Right now he's still spending a lot of time hiding in my closet during the day. But I get that. There's no way for him to know that we won't suddenly have strangers here!

Actually, sister Sue came by to see things right after getting her hair done today -- but she's not in the stranger category (of course). However, Blake came by, too -- and for Colin, Blake is in that category. Along with the guys delivering the sofa! So today still wasn't a totally calm one for him.

I've ended up loving Blake. I made it clear that I'd support his current company -- as long as he's employed there. But my personal loyalty is to him. And if (and probably when) he goes to another company (or starts his own), I'll be going with him. There's no doubt we'll be getting more work done at some point with Blake, by the way, as he's the most amazing contractor I've ever worked with in my life. No exaggeration.

Well, I'm off to bed. I was going to skip going to work tomorrow, but I have to be there to see that book! So I need a good night's sleep...

There's certainly more to catch up here, but it needs to wait for now. Photos really do need sharing, though -- and I have a ton.

By the way, Marilyn and I are both thrilled with the way things turned out at our house! And it's exciting to see how the colors are working out together. Photos later!

Goodnight, all!