July 11th, 2011


Floors... and a New Sofa...

Marilyn's home from work, which is probably a surprise to many! (smile) Yes, it's only 1:30 in the afternoon. But remember, normally she has Mondays off in July. So by all rights, she shouldn't have been at work to begin with -- but she needed to put the Grand Pinnacle award submission 'to bed' (Kenny was uploading it for the printer when she took off for home). We are so winning this -- I'm a believer!

Chris (from Vanguard Restoration) was here this morning to yank out Marilyn's old toilet (we're getting a new one tomorrow). I liked him very much -- impressive young man. (Also attractive, not that it matters...)

And Kelly is our floor dude. He's been working away since around 10:30 this morning. (Later than I expected, but whatever.) Marilyn and I just went down to take a look (Kelly's off to 'cut' the carpet) -- and the carpet pad is down and the bathroom is ready. (wow)

Sister Sue is going to come over and go with us to look for a new sofa (or couch, if you prefer) for the family room. Kelly gave us a sample piece to take with us so we can use it to look at what will match.

Henry is having a bad day, poor cat. He doesn't like being locked in my bedroom and has made that abundantly clear! I did spend ages in there with him, but it's never enough...

While Colin (scaredy cat) is mostly hiding under my bed. Which is good in some ways, as it means he's not a problem at all.

Right now we've got the door open and are letting them out. Henry is all over (mainly wanting to go downstairs), and even Colin peeked in to the office where we both are.

So we've placed the carpet against a painted wall and it looks like it's going to be perfect. Plus the carpet also looks good with our kitchen vinyl (which goes down to the landing just above the carpeted staircase.

We might even go get a bite to eat while we're out, which could be fun!

Sleep is still TOUGH here -- and I can't wait to be back to normal for that. If we stay on schedule (fingers crossed), then that should be Wednesday. I hope! (Facing two more nights is almost more than I can stand...)

Anyway, I'm really impressed by Blake and Vanguard Restoration -- and I wouldn't mind both using them again for other work and RECOMMENDING them to others.