July 10th, 2011

biking, exercise (biking)

Sunday -- Drives and Work and Drying Paint...

Marilyn and I were up pretty early for a Sunday, which meant we got to get breakfast at McDonald's before taking a drive. We headed toward the Longview (Lewis & Clark) bridge -- as we'd been seeing Group Health Seattle to Portland Classic bicycle riders since coming across the St. Johns bridge -- and we wanted to see where they crossed over from Washington to Oregon.

We got some good photos, which I should be sharing...

While over in Washington (on the way home), Marilyn and I stopped to see Kalama High School, which was used in "Twilight" to double as Forks High School. Fun!

After that we went to the office, because it's still all about the Grand Pinnacle award submission (of course). That's been a major focus all weekend...

We did phone sister Sue about taking a ride. She's been wanting to do that for ages. (And Marilyn still hasn't been for a ride in Sue's car since she got it.) But she apparently got tied up taking care of her grandkids (even though she told Marilyn that wasn't going to happen). We never spoke to her again, so I'm not sure if she did, or not...

Marilyn and I did play some computer games today. And I slept, which was nice -- it's nearly impossible for me to sleep through the night right now.

The paint smell is still in the house, but getting better. It seems to have dried really nicely. Tomorrow it's all about the flooring -- I hope it goes smoothly.

We've been pretty patient during all of this, but we're both really ready to have our house back to ourselves again. And to be able to relax AND sleep in comfort again. (The timing being what it has been, it's difficult to face work stress with no place to relax and rest in between the long, hard hours... I've no clue how Marilyn has managed.)

We went for another ride this evening. And then back to the office again. And now we're home.

No, we didn't get flowers this weekend. I didn't feel like, even though Marilyn wanted to. Yes, we need to get them planted, but it just seemed like too much to me.

Say, we watched a bunch of the Indiana Jones movies that were playing today -- fun, fun!