July 4th, 2011

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Happy Fourth of July (Independence Day) to my American friends!!!

Marilyn and I just watched "1776," the musical made in 1972. Believe it or not I'd never seen the whole thing before...

I was actually choked up at the end when everybody is signing while the bell tolls...

I'm using my NEW laptop (!!!) that I bought at Walmart last night for under $400 ($387, to be exact). It's an Acer (not my top choice, but one of 'em) -- and so far I'm really liking it!

The touch of the keyboard is AMAZING for a laptop -- the best I've ever tried, I have to say. Combined with my little (red) iHome cordless mouse (which I also love), typing and navigation are fabulous. Seriously.

For those interested, the laptop stats are Collapse )

This is the most I've ever spent on a laptop, as crazy as that might seem... So I'm pretty excited about it!

I spent some time setting it up when we got home (in the middle of the night/early morning), which meant we didn't get to bed until 5:00 a.m.-ish. Oh well.

We decided yesterday to blow off plans to try and go to the beach with sister Sue and (maybe) Mitch -- meeting up with Wayne and Holly in Seaside (where they're staying over). Marilyn has soooo much work to do, which is why we were still plugging away at the office until close to 2:00 a.m.

Obviously after that we headed to Walmart, as we needed to pick up a few essentials (which included toilet paper, which we can't live without). So I looked at the laptops and picked one out and bought it, as simple as that.

If you figure that a laptop will last for around two years, that makes my cost per year $189. Not bad, huh? For someone like me, I think that's a perfect cost range...

Because I basically HATE touch mice, I totally disabled mine -- so that I can't 'accidently' touch it and make the mouse jump around. As I've said, the wireless iHome mouse (small -- designed for a laptop) is perfect to use. And I'll probably carry my wire mouse, too -- just in case the batteries would die and I wouldn't have spares with me. (smile)

I'm spending time today both adding and REMOVING software. I hate loads of the pre-installed stuff they put on just to see if they can get you to but it after the 'trial' runs out. Really? How is that workin' for them?

I've still been setting up the new tower at work, by the way. I have to say that sometimes it seems like all I do is set up computers! (grin)

Marilyn made baked beans when she got home -- and that's the first thing I had to eat today. Yummy! We also have hot dogs to fix and macaroni salad and potato salad to eat. So we're not lacking for food. (smile)

We also need to spend some time today MOVING stuff upstairs, preparing for tomorrow. The 'packers' come in tomorrow to start packing everything up that we haven't done. Can you say STRESS? Not a ton, but some...

I'm sure in two weeks we'll be DELIGHTED with the results -- so we just have to hang tight and get through this. It's bad timing. Marilyn has so much STRESS at work with this Grand Pinnacle project. I know she's going to ROCK it -- and if we end up winning, it's going to be because of HER efforts! I'm so proud of her at times like this...

Wow. Again, the keyboard on this laptop is amazing! I can really type fast, because I don't accidentally hit a bunch of wrong keys. Very cool! I'm not even sure how to describe the kayboard, but it's very cool. Go Acer! And, no, this isn't the first Acer I've ever used -- we had Acer towers forever, actually (still do -- our old computers are Acers). I do like Acer, and this keyboard makes me like it a lot more!

Well, I'm off to do a few things. More later.

I'm bummed I didn't share my Fourth of July icons -- but I still might, even if it is pretty late. What the heck!

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Fourth of July!

Marilyn and I are watching fireworks on TV -- wow, I wonder what small fortune these cost (???). We know way too much about how costly these are...

I just discovered that the entry I wrote earlier today and thought I'd LOST (!!!) was saved by LiveJournal (woo hoo). So I got to post it after all!!! That's good news.

Wow, the sound of fireworks around our house is deafening and a little scary, to be honest. Most of what's being set off it illegal here in Oregon...

We had Marilyn's baked beans and some macaroni salad today -- very yummy. And we went for a ride and had McDonald's mango and pineapple smoothies -- one of the best things ever!!!

It's been a great day.

Yes, we've also been working. I'm starting to get ready for tomorrow morning. It's all going to be good, I'm sure.

I hope you're all having a good day, whatever you're doing!