June 3rd, 2011

busy caesar, busy

Crazy Day -- House and Festival!!!

I've barely had time to breathe today!!! Seriously.

Anyway, my great plumber dudes, Jake and Rich, were here (Rich just left -- and Jake prior to that). I'll give more details later (including photos of these guys), but I'm too busy to download at the moment.

Marilyn and I have the event at Spirit Mountain tonight, so we need to go shopping for clothes (as always, there's a theme we need to match), then get ready to go!

We've been offered a comp room to stay overnight, but I don't know if we're still planning to do that or not. Sister Sue said she'd feed our cats, which would be cool. I guess we'll see how it goes... (It's a long drive there and back. Plus drinking will probably be involved... smile...)

I did manage to sleep much better last night, thankfully. I probably should have been at the office today, but considering all the house stuff, it's good I stayed home.

I just called to have our dropbox container (from our garbage company) picked up EARLY Monday morning, so it won't be in the way for starting the job with replacing the Main. It's been a lot of people here and a TON of phone calls. (It's all good.)

I'm starved -- I need to find something to EAT.

Life is crazy busy, but the sun is out and the sky is blue and I'm smiling today -- seriously.

I hope things are good with all my friends!