April 25th, 2011

sick - NOT in bed

Well, I'm Still Somewhat Sick...

I'd like to pretend I'm not sick anymore, but that's hardly true.

Today it was all about the back end, so to speak. At least I was able to be up and around. I sat up and did work on the computer much of the day -- and also picked up and cleaned in the living room and kitchen (and did a load of dishes). So that's the kind of sick I'm more used to -- being able to keep working, even though I'm sick.

Amanda came tonight to give Marilyn her therapy, thankfully. We had to postpone the last appointment because of both being sick. (Of course, Marilyn is convinced we got this germ from Amanda in the first place... smile...)

I used our new small vacuum (a Shark) to do the living room today, which was nice. Our normal vacuum is so big and heavy that I was glad I didn't have to haul it upstairs (!!!). I'm such a wimp right now from being sick all this time. The Shark works GREAT, by the way!

I did get some festival website work done, anyway, which was good. I've got piles more I need to finish up. But I'm still ahead of schedule, so I can't really complain!

It looks like I won't be going in to work at the office tomorrow. I'm just not quite ready yet, I guess. I did get in to the office briefly over the weekend, but otherwise I haven't been there in ages! It's so strange...

My cough does seem a bit better, anyway -- and I've been sleeping somewhat better, though I admit I didn't sleep well last night and couldn't seem to nap this evening (sigh). Better is relative, I guess!

Marilyn and I spent the weekend resting, for the most part. We were lying around and sleeping much of the time, which we really seem to need.

There's just not much to report right now. But at least I'm working again!

Oh, I forgot! Marilyn and I met with Mike on Friday (April 22) about the Roosevelt Alumni Association! We had a great meeting at Starbucks, discussing some of the first steps that need to be done and plans for the future. He's done an amazing amount amount of work on his own and is so excited to have our ideas and help. I'm looking forward to working on another website at some point...