March 15th, 2011

love to code

Busy Day - Websites (Yes, Plural) AND House Stuff...

The PSSCA website is really cracking right now, with everything happening in Japan -- and here in SUPPORT of Japan.

Marilyn and I made a donation to Mercy Corps today, though we also want to offer some other donations to a variety of organizations. But Mercy Corps is a local (internationally famous) organization that does so much good -- and PSSCA has partnered with them specifically for Japan relief efforts.

Anyway, altogether I worked on three different websites today. I did a TON for the PSSCA website. But I also had quite a bit to do for the festival website, too. And then we finally got the okay for the GF Walk website header banner today (woo hoo), so I had to resize, add the rounded corners (this entire website has a cool 'rounded corners' look that I just love) and get it loaded up. That last website is still not Live, but it's getting closer to being ready to launch.

I talked to Gene and Kendra yesterday about their website, too. I don't want them to do anything without talking to me first (so they don't end up being ripped off by someone). It irks me how many people are selling their website services, but don't really know what the hell they're doing. (It makes me so mad I can't even go there...)

I'm still not getting any email notices, even though I've contacted LJ Support and my ISP to make sure LJ is white-listed. For those who might be wondering, I realize this isn't a new issue -- and that LiveJournal is aware of the problem. But I still feel it's a good idea to keep them informed when I have problems with the service. And, yeah, I did whine about it, but I can't remember the last time I've gone without notices for this long before. (Years ago?)

Friends, if you think I'm ignoring you, honestly I'm not. I'm just not getting a single notice. The last I got was on March 1. Ironically, I didn't even get the notification that someone had responded to my support request... (smile) That means it's been two weeks with no notices.

I've also done a load of dishes (plus hand-washed some pots and pans), checked our tarps and hooked them down (again -- we're having horrible downpours, so we remain worried about flooding) and did the garbage and recycling (a day early -- that's a whole other story).

It's hours since I started this (!!!). But Marilyn is (finally) home, we've had dinner and watched "Glee," and some tennis -- and now we're due for a nap. Marilyn is doing a radio interview first thing in the morning (6:30 a.m.), so we should try to get to bed for the night early, if we can.

I haven't slept well for the past two nights, so I'm really tired -- even though I did get to sleep in this morning (thanks, Marilyn!).

Tomorrow I have another person starting at the office (a new Jessica), so I'll be heading to work.