March 14th, 2011

arms folded

Newbies? Make That ONE Newbie...

Richard (the newbie at work) is AMAZING. I can't get over how much he knows about computers. It was my most incredible orientation ever.

Erin, however, didn't show. She told Rosanna via email on Sunday that she wasn't interested...

Um. Could she maybe have told her that last Friday??? I mean, I spent time on both Saturday and Sunday setting her up, so I was bummed out by the waste of my time. (sigh)

So Wednesday (can I say again how much I hate to work on Wednesdays???) we have Jessica starting. The joke in the office (of course) is that we'll all believe it when we see it! I did set her up today, so let's hope she does show -- and does work out!

Jim (from PSSCA) came by to see me today for some help with Facebook. He's such a good guy!

Kris? He didn't show up (even though he'd said he would on Saturday). Nor did he reply to my voice mail from this morning. I need to get in touch with Tyler (Rosanna IT guy) to see what he's able to do. He might be up to accomplishing some of these tasks I need done that aren't Server stuff -- and I want the stuff done soon. (We're mid-way through March, after all.)

We're only days away from being done with the Court announcements for 2011. And we're only days away from the anniversary of our move into the new (Rose) building.

Well, I couldn't sleep last night, so I'm tired. I'm now headed for a much-needed nap. In spite of Erin's no-show, I got a lot done today.

Marilyn and I had leftover yakisoba noodles for dinner (that we got yesterday from the popular Hawaiian place located near our old office).

My blood count was under 90 this morning (87, I think), which is low for me. Interesting...