March 9th, 2011

ash wednesday

'To Do' List? Good Start Today!

It's just past 9:00 a.m. and I've already checked several items off my 'To Do' list. It doesn't hurt that I've been up since around 4:40 this morning, of course...

Today is the start of Lent (Ash Wednesday, to be specific). Marilyn and I are both fasting today. According to what I've read, I'm not actually supposed to discuss fasting, but for blogging purposes I'm going to ignore that. I tend to track what I do here, so it's important for me to note the fasting for that purpose.

We both indulged ourselves with food yesterday for Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), so I guess you could say I have a food hangover (smile) today. I'm not missing the idea of eating at all, frankly.

I managed to download the photos from the tennis, so I'll try to upload and share some later...

Back to work!

ashes cross

Minor Guilt...

I wanted to fast today -- REALLY fast (as in liquids, only). But around 6:00 p.m. I caved. I tested my blood and found it was 91 (low for me). My stomach was growling and I had a headache, but those are ALL just excuses. I just caved.

Even though I've been praying on and off all day. Even though I watched the Papal mass on TV this afternoon (it was so moving). Even though there are many, many days when I barely eat a bite all day long. (sigh)

What's annoying is the idea that knowing I couldn't eat made me want to so much more. There are so many positives about fasting -- especially from a spiritual perspective. No, according to the Church I didn't really break my fast.

So I decided to do some research on historical fasting.

Collapse )

So as those of you who read this can see, fasting is very different in a religious sense. I suppose in some ways it's really just to get us THINKING, and is mostly symbolic. I've certainly thought about it a lot today.

Anyway, I'm over it. I'll probably eat a meal (a reasonable one) now. It's certainly not like I've never fasted in my life before this -- far from it. I think some days it's easier to go without food than others. I did find I wasn't as mentally sharp today, which could be partly due to less sleep, but I really feel was more about not eating. I was coding and working on some complicated stuff and having to really push myself to CONCENTRATE. Sure, we all have days when that's true -- food or no food -- but I did notice it today while working.

Marilyn is currently at an annual event she's attended for years (a Rosarian event). This after a non-stop day filled with her usual work, the work she's carrying due to the loss of a Staff person and starting her day around 4:00 a.m. (!!!). Not to mention the fact that she worked hard yesterday morning and early afternoon, then drove all the way to Eugene in heavy traffic, was enthusiastic during the tennis event and finally drove all the way home from Eugene (in the dark and rain, with lots of trucks on the road). I know I say it often, but Marilyn simply AMAZES me! I aspire to be more like her -- I really do. She's got courage -- true guts. She's a workhorse, but plays it down all the time.

By the way, she's so generous. She paid for all four tickets for the event yesterday, then paid for tons of food and stuff, too. Wow. Just wow.

Speaking of sister, Sue came by to take me shopping today -- which was so kind of her! I needed kitty litter and other stuff, and even though she didn't need a thing she drove me (sitting and reading her book while I shopped). How sweet was that?

Well, I need to do the garbage and recycling -- and it's nasty out tonight. (ugh) Hey, Dad? It's a typical Wednesday night! (heh) My Dad and I always shared the same garbage night -- and the same joke about it always raining on Wednesdays. (smile) I'd say I miss sharing that with him, but I still do -- and can feel him grinning up in heaven when I do!

Honest, those photos from the tennis ARE still coming! I started to mess with some today, but just didn't find time to finish up yet...