February 18th, 2011

love to code

Website, Website, Who's Got the Website?

Anyone remember that old game, Button, Button, Who's Got the Button??? I guess some days working on various websites seems like a rather confounding and crazy kid's game. (grin) Anyway, I started to chant, "Website, website, who's got the website?" I don't really care if it makes sense or not. Hahahahahaha.

So this afternoon I finally got SICK of looking at a website the festival owns, but that's previously been coded by someone else. It's linked from one of our (many) events -- and in the eyes of many, is merely an extension of the festival website that I code. But the site in question is frankly AWFUL. The guy who has been coding it admits he doesn't really know how to code -- he was pulled into the work out of necessity. (DING, DING, DING! Does that ring bells for me! I never expected to be doing the festival website, either, so I hear this big time...) Anyway, I'm so glad I learned how to code years ago -- and that I've continued to learn more and more as I go along. Heck, I'm still learning on a daily basis, for that matter.

This event website does reflect on our site, as many people don't even get that it's not just another part of the original site, believe it or not. It should be clean and professional, even if it's small. Today I took a rather basic template, then changed it to work for the event website in question. It's nothing fancy, but honestly, it's miles ahead of what was there before. And I did the entire mock-up of this website in one day (half a day, really). Okay, I didn't need to do the header banner -- we had our graphics dude for that. All I did was play with sponsor logos (resize to fit) and create rounded corners on some images. And change template colors to work with our scheme.

Yes, the coding was tricky in spots, but I reasoned out (as I always do).

Now it needs the updated info for 2011 (I just gacked the 2010 stuff from the existing website, which is currently still Live). That shouldn't really be too much work, believe it or not.

To be clear, this is NOTHING like doing the very complicated and huge festival website. Not even close. If it was, I wouldn't even be thinking about trying to do it. One large site to manage is enough!

Well, the next question to be settled is whether or not I'm doing another event-specific website that needs to be done. This one is also small and wouldn't require all that much work. There's no question that I can do it, but we might have another alternative (which admittedly costs money, but that's true for most website work, aside from what I do...). I guess we'll see how that goes. I'm almost tempted to get in and start working up another mock-up, to tell you the truth...

I'm fighting off the same cold I've been struggling with for weeks now. We're facing our last three-day weekend before the start of festival (which is very close now for the Staff), so I hope I won't end up sick and unable to have FUN as Marilyn and I have planned! Interestingly enough, being in the hospital last week probably made this worse. I was either too cold or too warm, only half-dressed, didn't get any medication (!!!) that helped and was exposed to whatever horrible germs are floating around there. The cold weather hasn't helped, either, but we've had it so easy here that I won't complain about that.

We'd love to go see the Harry Potter movie (finally!!!), which is playing at one of our fave local theaters (one that gets second-run movies). And we'd like to see "The Rite," again, too. In fact, we have several movies we'd like to see. Anyway, it's nice to think about the three-day weekend, I have to say.